Affect the main factor of character of color print of water Chinese ink to analy
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One, the theoretical analysis of breakdown of move of water Chinese ink

Printing ink of ability in swimming especially what water can wash printing ink to go up in its structure is different the rise that is PH value; The price of printing ink competes along with the market and be forced to use inorganic pigment, what its brought chromatic water Chinese ink as a result is not stable -- become deep, pale, fade disappear is smooth (burnish is poor) , already made one of focal points that domestic and international person of the same trade studies jointly.

We know: The chemical stability of chromatic water Chinese ink and the chemistry that the color that printing ink system chooses expects are concerned. Dye of general inorganic compound is more lively than the chemistry of the organic compound, because,this is inorganic compound dissolve at water, be become easily by ionization ionic, the reaction between ion can be finished in the instant, and organic compound dye is contrary. Tell so: Applicable very easy in water Chinese ink bath, pollute to the environment relatively small also, but chemical stability is poor, fizzle out when organic chromium for example in encounter alkaline hind become red extremely easily.

Another focus is us often the stimulation that lay particular stress on uses comparative color to enhance pair of visual senses -- the bright, marked feeling individual character after apposition. The colour that benefit coloring sex contradicts each other is together its apposition, with extremely incongruous technique goes deepening consumer to presswork to packing the impression of decorate. But what does not know lubricious system of water Mo Sanyuan to use organic differ with inorganic when the quantity, its contrast lubricious content (area, lightness, chroma) when producing change, comparative strong pitch also can produce change, often should meet when encountering soda acid appear to mediate momently, as the elapse of time, the colour Chinese ink of apposition will by arrive greatly dark or become shallow, fade and lacklustre.

No matter be the organic pigment in system of water Chinese ink encounters acid to bring about color hue to become deep to pale, still be the inorganic pigment in system of water Chinese ink is encountered alkaline hind, color hue becomes deep to till fade,pale, unavoidable -- namely brightness (burnish) reduce. This kind of physics or chemical change, differ with the 3 primary colors that often say quantity or pure the hue deviation accident that spends the balance that reach ash to form is different, because be mixed in water Chinese ink,be mostly have the oxide of a few metal that shows a couple and cause -- they encounter alkali to show acidity and become deep to pale; Encounter strong acid to show alkalescent fade disappear is smooth. Although because burnish brings about the exhaustion of the eye,was reduced, knowledge read efficiency to rise, but because the deviation of burnish is very inaccessible,often meet the exterior of the decorate that pack of sample of brand, product is bright beautiful effect, when quality of printing ink of color of assess ability in swimming, often be a basis with congener product. But only is consistent -- PH value.
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