Small offset press creates a company in recent years development state of affair
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The constant growth of the demand of print market stimulated the dilate of manufacturing industry, many enterprises joined the production procession of small offset press, make the competition of market of small offset press ceaseless aggravate. The main mark with intense competition is industry measure increases ceaselessly, by mouth of first boreal person, battalion, power sea the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, develop present battalion mouth light of coronal China, Wei lane China, power littoral cropland, power sea imprints person of machine, north is Dong Hang of lane of 2 factories, Wei, multivariate the enterprise a large number of heroes such as 3 Xin contends for mouth of electric, Wen Zhouwei wild goose, battalion admire; At the same time the company of machine of calling card of a few original production also expands product standards, production is mixed 6 times octavo offset press, join offset press to make enterprise range; Additionally still a few enterprises are absent originally domain of printing machine instrument, if enterprise of aviation courtyard place, agriculture machinery, electron, machine tool also begins diversified economy in succession, produce small offset press, make small offset press creates a company thereby from 1999 25 development of end arrive current 100 or so.

For whole, reaching 2003 year 2002 is the historical period with best sale of printing machine instrument, most enterprise is mirrorred, the printing machine instrument of all sorts of norms sells well generally, small offset press also is to sell a dot one of driving products. Make a comprehensive view 2004, small offset press shows strong company to continue to carry taller growth state.

2003, sale has 2 in the enterprise of 1500 above, the sale of other company all is in 500 the following; 2004, the enterprise of 500 above has sale 3, among them sale occupies 2 in the enterprise of 1500 above.

Quantity of produce and sale of small offset press of 10 main businesses was 8935 2004, sale amounts to 500 million yuan, quantity of produce and sale of annual of industry of whole small offset print is close to 9500, sale is close 5. 8.6 billion yuan.

Printing machine instrument was imported 2004 17. 200 million dollar, among them odd entrance of piece of paper printing machine 1052, entrance forehead is 6. 3.1 billion dollar; Odd exit of piece of paper printing machine 386, exit forehead 633. 70 thousand dollar, among them small offset press is exported 209. 20 thousand dollar. , presswork for commerce of occupational high end the market, the company that has actual strength rolls out octavo in succession 4 kinds of printing machine, had begun to produce octavo the manufacturer of 4 kinds of machine has Wei lane Hua Guang, power sea to imprint multivariate and machine, electric, battalion person of coronal China, north 2 imprint. The company that formed batch 2004 is only Beijing of Wei lane Hua Guanghe is multivariate, polychromatic machine sale is 87.
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