Presswork 100 divisions: The concept of small offset print reachs its characteri
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Small offset print shows with A2 the following paper is on small-sized offset press namely undertake those who imprint batch is applied presswork means (GB9851.5, 90) .

Small offset print not only equipment miniaturization, and use unique technique to be able to be finished quickly arrive from manuscript of presswork duplicate, can suit changefully to imprint at small lot quickly a task, the operation is handy.

Small offset print has the following characteristic;

(1) manuscript, the manuscript that plate making uses should stalk of grain for laser.

(2) plate making, the edition material of plate making of small offset print uses zinc oxide for the most part paper radical edition. Zinc oxide paper base edition it is You Guangmin layer, beforehand basic level of coating, paper and composition of back coating place, pressrun can be amounted to 1000 imprint ~5000 imprints, can use edition of mechanism of professional plate making, also can use copycat plate making.

(3) the black and white to seeming product because of small offset print, presswork with paper multi-purpose paper is multi-purpose write hectograph paper, printing ink can use the letterpress printing printing ink with low price, but high-grade or it is advisable that chromatically product uses offset print Chinese ink.

(4) equipment, use small-sized planography offset press.