Calling card of chromatic offset print pressworks to handle notebook completely
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One, offset print calling card pressworks flow chart:

Computer design, composing -- output film or vitriolic paper -- bask in the edition that make PS -- on printing ink -- the edition that hang PS -- before imprinting, adjust (heaven and earth, left and right sides, edition is inclined) -- presswork formally -- wash a machine.

2, material of the equipment that place of offset print calling card requires, software, bad news:

Equipment: Computer 486, 586 all but;

Software of calling card composing is a color, black and white all but;

A resolution that print had better be in black and white laser printer 600 lines or taller;

Machine of small-sized printing down is used at basking in to make PS edition;

Stiletto implement use at PS edition stiletto.

Bad news material: Norms of paper of small box calling card is 90mm × 55mm or 90mm × 55mm;

Offset print printing ink homebred, entrance all but, had better use offset print light wash-and-wear printing ink;

Norms of edition of open plan PS 100 × of 100 × 0.15mm or 60 × 0.15mm inspects 100 × dimension of offset press platen and calm;

Develop pink is used at PS edition develop, the beard before using is deliquescent;

Clean edition creams with edition of Yu Qingjie PS (do not destroy word of PS edition above paragraphs) ;

Long edition fluid is used at revising or word of above paragraphs of purify PS edition;

Benzine or clear lotion are used at Yin Houqing to wash offset press.

3, presswork process: (With king of southern color print 3 model machine for exemple)

1, design, composing

Designing composing is calling card black-and-white the first pace, after receiving the calling card that the user delivers, want to pass software of all sorts of professional calling card composing to undertake composing first. The software of common calling card composing on the market has now: Mix 4 manage heart, new dragon, power, easily, too wait with power gram, Meng Tai, cover system of peaceful color calling card among them besides the composing function that has general software, still have powerful plot function, can very convenient scale, nap all sorts of complex icon, and can output of voluntary color separation, automatic makeup, mirror, it is current till the composing software with best calling card of the offset print that make.

2, export film or vitriolic paper

Good in the design layout affirms content is not had by accident hind, can print its vitriolic paper or laser film to go up, so that use edition of the PS that make, want to notice the following when print: 豍 must choose a mirror to print (turn over a word) , if print, is correct a wrongly written character or misspelt word, because the ply of vitriolic paper or film affects printing down precision,meet when printing down, cause bask in the literal edge that give unsharpness; When 豎 is printed best the automatic makeup function that can use software goes all out the content of 3 pieces of calling card edition of a piece of PS to go up (one edition 3 imprint) , such not only managing PS edition, reduce cost, and the meeting when chromatically is very convenient; 豏 should master time of good printing down, use vitriolic paper or laser film commonly (wool film) the time of printing down is 3-4 about minute, the printing down time of film of use report cent is 1-1.5 minute, additionally the chroma of developer solution also should have mastered. Below the premise of developer solution moderate, if the character on the PS edition after develop is unsharpness, be short of stroke, explain printing down time is too long, go up like PS edition conversely occurrence bottom is grey, criterion printing down time is too short. Clarity of the character after develop of a piece of PS edition requirement that has basked in, without miscellaneous dot, abysmal ash. The face of PS edition positive and negative after using develop of clear water general is rinsed clean, with stiletto implement in PS edition two upright stiletto, put the PS edition that digs good hole into clear water to reserve.
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