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Engine of whole business cycle is the high speed that introduces from abroad in last few years high quality printing machine. It is had presswork rate is rapid (some machine fast amount to 60000 turn C is horary) , presswork layout sex of stability of much, quality, effectiveness for a given period of time is strong wait for outstanding advantage. Reason is introduced in and other places of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing later, inland also was introduced 3 nearly two years many. Engine of whole business cycle serves as a kind of brand-new printing machine (commerce pressworks before main with sheet piece paper machine gives priority to) , it already with sheet piece paper machine has a lot of collective places, but the place that has a lot of differring more, be like: Be defeated by paper orgnaization, presswork speed, printery uses paper, printing ink is dry means, foldout means, quality standard, paper loss. So we should master it adroitly to still need a course, should much summary, much communication, much study, ability is familiar with it, had used it.

Everybody knows with respect to current current situation word, with presswork closely related quality, but it is at the same time most rambunctious is black-and-white water Mo Pingheng.

Chinese ink of offset print water is to point to evenly: Pressworking certainly speed and presswork below pressure, adjust the supply quantity of embellish edition fluid, make the printing ink after emulsification, the proportion that contains embellish edition juice is less than 26% , form the printing ink of slight W/O emulsification, printing ink that goes up with quantity of least feed flow and forme to contend. Offset print is to use oil and water each other not Xiang Rong's the order of nature, graph article and blank part are made on forme, offer Chinese ink already to forme water supply, through layout graph article oil absorption fights water, and blank part is bibulous fight oil to undertake pressworking. If be below position of good balance of water Chinese ink, the blank part of forme adheres to embellish edition fluid, graph article part adheres to printing ink, when the exterior tension of the exterior tension when embellish edition fluid and printing ink is only equal, on both interface diffuse pressure for 0, embellish edition fluid and printing ink maintain relative balance, each other not to infiltrate on the interface, the effect pressworks below this kind of circumstance gift is ideal. But in pressworking actually, water Chinese ink is a dynamic balance evenly, always changing. When if be opposite,the quantity offerring Chinese ink of layout is balanced more than, printing ink is in be met after puissant extruding to blank part dilate, invade blank surface to cause stick dirty. When if be measured to layout water supply,be worth evenly more than conversely, when surface of article of graph of water roller course, can leave more water in graph article surface, the puissant extruding of repass water roller and Mo Gun, adhere to the emulsification of deepness of Chinese ink layer in graph article part, cause print dim without light. And when water supply amount is too large, water can be mixed along roller is defeated by Chinese ink the roller that string together Chinese ink enters carpenter's ink marker all the time, cause emulsification of large-scale printing ink, make finally presswork cannot undertake going down.
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