Newspaper function signs up for black-and-white to affect 6 to talk to colour
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In colour the newspaper prints in, newspaper is bear imprint content, graph article message appears finally through paper before the reader, accordingly, the stand or fall of newspaper printability affects ultimate colour reply to presswork directly quality. The stability of the smoothness of paper, sex suction Chinese ink, whiteness, physical characteristic and dimension can affect what colour signs up for presswork quality.

One, the smoothness of newspaper

In presswork, the first requirement that wins the presswork that faithful Yu Yuan stalks of grain is the smoothness of newspaper. The smoothness of newspaper reflected newspaper face degree of cobbly of microcosmic geometry appearance, have certain smoothness only, ability assures the duplicate result of graph article. The surface of newspaper has a lot of wool stoma and small opening, want to obtain ideal presswork the effect, namely even, administrative levels abounds color of print clarity, Chinese ink, must make sure paper and mackintosh are good contact. If want to obtain administrative levels the graph language with rich, clear color, must present 4 kinds of sites as far as possible on paper come out. The discretion of paper smoothness had decision effect. If smoothness is lesser criterion printing ink cannot be contacted adequately with paper, petty site is lost necessarily, without administrative levels. Accordingly, the discretion that the smoothness of paper is number of decision reticle line and obtain the condition with high quality indispensable site. Ping Juan spends tall paper, can obtain enough printing ink, and Chinese ink layer is even, thickness is consistent, the move rate of printing ink is high, presswork is on-the-spot density is high, the site enlarges a value lesser, color is rich, repeatability is strong. The site that the paper with poorer smoothness acquires repeatability of not bright-coloured, colorific differs not complete, colour. The liquidity that adds printing ink appropriately, quantity that offer Chinese ink and presswork pressure, the print that because smoothness difference is caused,can make up for is empty, disloyal. But the consequence that such doing is to cause a site to expand, dark mediate burnt edition, slant color, also can imprint first lighter color, achieve the goal of render. So, colour newspaper must use the newspaper with tall smoothness.

2, the whiteness of newspaper

Paper is the carrier of graph article message, its whiteness affects the colour of presswork directly. After radial illuminate arrives on paper, should be absorbed one part, those who absorb more or less to depend on its whiteness. Whiteness is taller a catoptric light is more. After printing ink move arrives on paper, form colour through lubricious material subtractive process and shade additive process. The whiteness of paper is low, absorb overmuch light, the colour of printing ink cannot be developed adequately, affect the hue of image color, lightness, degree of saturation, cause colour gloomy, contrast is poor, the picture is inflexible, atonic, administrative levels is little.
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