Talk about 8 kinds of rubber tyre to presswork how managing with paper
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8 kinds of rubber tyre are to presswork one of main heat that in recent years equipment introduces the domain, this upsurge results from our country pressworks day of beneficial aggravate that the market competes, and of presswork spending market mature increasingly and refine. Rubber tyre especially price of commercial rubber tyre does not poor, and its are add the commerce with higher cost imprints article use art paper of low mensurable reel more again. As a result of the characteristic of web, cover those who manage method to undertake web very hard to quantify management then with flat paper. But if the management of web cannot catch up with accordingly, although portfolio is enough, the profit rate of cycle equipment rises very hard also, because this exploration rubber tyre uses paper,managing road sign is in inevitable.

Master rubber tyre characteristic

Rubber tyre produces a characteristic to have 3: Imprint fast tall, add function much, moving cost is high.

Its imprint fast the highest speed per hour that expresses rubber tyre of general now books and periodicals high is amounted to 20 thousand run from opposite directions double-faced post of monochromatic of / of double color of 4 kinds of / , commerce, half commerce speed per hour of 8 kinds of rubber tyre more be as high as 10 thousand above of 35 thousand ~5 to run from opposite directions color makes. Accordingly, if handlers technology is not very mature, or not seasonable to the reaction of equipment malfunction, processing, or cannot debugging level to discover the likelihood brings about a large number of imprinting to taste the problem that discard as useless, the paper that place of commercial rubber tyre causes is wasteful will very breathtaking.

The add function of engine of cycle of commerce, half business is much, include stoving, cooling, glazing to wait, rapid to getting used to commerce to presswork rate, big batch, much batch, much level, individuation, high-grade change, color is changed etc the requirement, often need very, but corresponding ground, lengthen paper road, make wear paper, debugged paper wastage to be increased further.

Moving cost is high. Parts of commercial glue wheel pair, former complementary material, even lube, performance demand is higher, plus if add function is enabled along with all the others, run cost very tall, accordingly, the demand that manages to each respect is higher also. Otherwise, although machine imprint tasting is product of high additional cost, these inviting profit also are met by commercial rubber tyre " the noble is changed " move use up place to gobble up.

Perfect paper management

After understanding afore-mentioned concerned rubber tyre to produce a characteristic, answer to undertake on management scientific palm accuses, ability is achieved managing the end that uses paper.

Want on management good two close. It is put in storage closes, 2 it is to go up paper closes. No matter put in storage, still go up machine presswork, should press imprint it is good to taste breed, batch to do on machine use paper chase a computation, ensure do not leak write down, do not write down again, the record is exact, not cheat, administrator and workshop machine stage should be opposite paper library regularly more Zhang, supervise each other.
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