Creation of small offset press pressworks the myth of equipment market
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Presswork the 2nd times technical revolution, presswork to our country the development of equipment production industry brings good good luck, large quantities of one new printing machine fetters updating equipment replacement, from do not have have, arrive as a child big, from low arrive tall. Presswork the development of equipment industry develops with national economy all the time close together and relevant, rise with what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score all the time closely related, more buckle closely with the technical progress of print. Be in all sorts of pressworking in the market of equipment, the development course that small-sized offset press has taken most soul-stirring, in intense market competition, make the most successful model. In production enterprise of numerous small offset press, old brand is state-owned printing machine of enterprise power sea fetterses company of coronal China offset press is in limited company and battalion mouth sea is naughty in sand, still go in the front row of this domain; Limited company of equipment of industry of smooth energy of lane China of Wei of another a dark horse, by car radio cassette player and measure production enterprise changes the line of production the about that printing machine does not go to 10 years, had become the person that this industry aboves average, they were created together presswork the myth of equipment market.

3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces

"95 " during, small offset press makes what the enterprise has 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces say. At that time battalion mouth coronal China the leading sheep that offset press company is enterprise of small offset press, year sale has achieved 100 million yuan or so, the product is judged to be product of famous brand of former mechanical ministry, the enterprise also is judged to be presswork the only star company in equipment manufacturing industry, company reputation and market sale are unapproachable, be in Russia and United States even little famous energy of life. Although Shi Fengyin brushs time of OA of course of study, the management concept of the taking of that period result and enterprise and reform drive are close to close; Another enterprise is power sea printing machine fetterses limited company, ever was a production business that produces letterpress printing equipment, succeed because of product structural adjustment, 1997 when appraise through comparison, with famous brand product only the Yao of one pace. Power sea printing machine fetterses the background that the product of small offset press of limited company has Japanese bank field, be in with Japanese bank cropland is joint-stock when building a plant, gain the access of technology of Japanese bank cropland, product technology level is in lead position in the industry, the product has not gotten used to an OA to presswork only, still can undertake industry pressworks, sex of its product whole set has included calling card machine, hole puncher, paper cutting machine and form black-and-white whole set of equipment, in those days already the embryonic form that bud gives seriation solution; The 2nd printing machine that the 3rd enterprise is company of boreal person group fetterses factory, although his product and just miss the opportunity of famous brand product, but the support that has technology of powerful company of boreal person group and economy, small offset press sets rule, the chromatic commerce that can realize paper pressworks, in " 95 " evening ever was developed include polychromatic plane inside product of series small offset press, accordingly, pressworking equipment market public praise is better.
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