How to improve country the development of enterprise of polychromatic small offs
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Our country joins WTO old already, custom duty is in every year reduce ceaselessly, home market has made an international market, the company also must take the way of internationalization. To the further progress of the industry, I have the following idea, offer the personage inside course of study to consult.

1. enlarges enterprise dimensions, participate in international competition

The development history of production industry of abroad and domestic printing machine tool gives us with enlightenment.

It is the intense competition that the enterprise carries the market, discard of bad of survival of the fittest, superior is the law that cannot defy. Oneself expand ceaselessly in competing intensely only, enlarge market place to hold share, enhance core competition ability, ability wins victory in intense competition, forever remain invincible.

The outspread way of enterprise dimensions is very much, can recommend technology, product, fund, also can use the means that annex recombines, enlarge enterprise dimensions quickly. Of course, rely on oneself accurate market to forecast, development is saleable the product of satisfy the need and adopt right management sale strategy, undertake capital is accumulated ceaselessly, obtain great progress, the company can expand ceaselessly likewise. Because be in an enterprise to attain certain scale only, just become the company of internationalization likely, just be in likely sale of build of home, international serves a network.

The crop that is machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset secondly cannot satisfy market demand, the sale amount of enterprise of domestic small offset press is in about 500 million ~ 600 million yuan between, the sale of machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset is in 70 million ~ 80 million yuan between, occupy small-sized offset machine to sell amount only 14% the left and right sides, by stage number computation machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset is not occupied only 1% . And the import is only 2004 piece of paper printing machine 1052, entrance forehead is 631 million dollar, although distinguish an entrance very hard how many complete piece, run from opposite directions, quarto, octavo is odd piece of paper printing machine, also say not clear monochromatic, double quality, how much do 5 kinds of 4 color, printing machine occupy each, but the level according to manufacturing industry of our country printing machine tool and ability, entrance of odd, double lubricious printing machine measures very little, the import volume of machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset still is a sizable number. Conditional enterprise uses the producer formula of industrialization, large-scale creating opportunity of polychromatic and small-sized offset is to accord with the market to develop way.

Small-sized offset machine makes the octavo that is all sorts of norms thirdly the person is dazzling, product technology standards repeats, the enterprise needs according to the market, the product of development did not form seriation, cannot organize mass industrialization production, because this affects stability of the dependability of the product, quality, spare parts is supplied and serve quality. The successful example of industrialization of printing machine instrument, Hai Debao company has realized sheet piece paper is polychromatic the industrialization of printing machine, accomplish seriation from products plan, production accomplishs unit automation line to assemble, online general assembly is debugged, spare parts is accomplished neat case distributes on automation line by order. In the order that receives world each district the printing machine that all sorts of configuration offer inside 4 months, user of each district of 7 days of indrawn worlds offers spare parts, the user of 75% uses a problem to be solved in 24 hours of hot lines. Accomplish this, without modern management, the producer formula that uses much breed small lot is very difficult imagination.
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