Our country is polychromatic the development course of small offset press
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Editor's note: Of market of small-sized offset machine build with development, after beginning with printing machine from office above all, the product was entered stage by stage government organization, school, enterprise or business presswork factory, those who be engaged in short edition file, teaching material is black and white presswork, form presswork quickly the market. After coming out in edition of duplicate ability in swimming, small-sized offset machine with it quick the favour that gains an user with quality, then table small offset press and the small-sized offset machine that do not have overprint custom get rapid development. Solve in enterprise of small offset press muti_function small-sized offset machine, number machine, compound machine, cut into parts after cutting the facility such as machine, hole puncher, this kind of equipment is in the utility of industry of card of form, ticket dash forward come out now, a few presswork the factory purchases whole set of equipment of small offset print in great quantities, the means that uses group pressworks all sorts of ticket card. As socialist market economy deepen, many civilian battalion pressworks the industry rises, individual character pressworks the quantity increases ceaselessly, fast print market forms short edition, aircraft production company develops small offset print quickly to take paper to cover accurate orgnaization and the small-sized offset opportunity that pass the bridge, raised overprint precision to presswork in order to get used to the color of overprint for many times. Through development of several years, of the demand of the market and policy pull move, quantity of year of produce and sale of small-sized offset machine is already adjacent 10 thousand, manufactory home also is close to 100, what the model of the product, norms also duplicates is varied. As a result of the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of competitive aggravation and technology, great war of tort behavior, price happens time and again, the enterprise that makes a few have actual strength begins to consider the development strategy issue of small offset press, from 20 centuries end, began the development course of machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset.

The development course of machine of polychromatic and small-sized offset

Presswork the enterprise is finished in capital after be being accumulated certainly, satisfy the quality of monochromatic overprint and low production efficiency no longer, the commercial short edition of small-sized offset machine pressworks the function gets an user approbate, then double color, muti_function, polychromatic printing machine gets developing. Imprint quickly the miniaturization of the enterprise, change the requirement of presswork of commercial short edition that reachs constant growth demesne, promote further presswork quickly of the enterprise grow. According to concerning data statistic, our country is engaged in fast enterprise of short edition black-and-white has 20000, have small-sized offset machine to make an appointment with 30000, this is a very big market, and be the market of a constant growth. As small-sized offset machine by monochromatic to polychromatic transition, market of short edition color print is forming a business. The quantity of produce and sale of double 2004 lubricious machine and polychromatic machine already had the dimensions that comparative, can foreknow the gold season of equipment of color print of commercial short edition has come.
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