08 Gao Bao latest technology recommend itinerate seminar to ring down the curtai
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German Gao Baogong managed in October 2007 (KBA) hold latest technology successfully to recommend itinerate seminar first, obtained good echo in the market. In September 2008 17-23 day, tall treasure company ran big China division again seminar of latest technology itinerate, in city of Tianjin, Zhengzhou, lake, Dongguan 4 ground are performed in succession, scored huge success.

Acceded innovation of technology of pursuit of tall treasure company and person and black-and-white concept, seminar of this second technology itinerate Gao Bao with " innovation tradition offset print, promotion product value " give priority to a problem, shared the latest technology fruit that Gao Baogong manages together with industry colleague, newest craft application and the most advanced presswork concept.

2008, regard traditional offset print as the delegate of the advanced technique, gao Bao pursues the spirit of technical innovation, ceaseless enterprising from beginning to end, devote oneself to the research and development of offset press conscientiously, new technology of numerous offset print and new technology were rolled out on Deluba. After this second technology make one's rounds exhibits also be afterwards heart Lu Ba, a when Gao Bao holds in China national significant market activity, the numerous new technology that the purpose will release on Deluba namely and new technology area go to China, promote the technology of Chinese print the standard. For this, tall treasure of Germany of specially invite of tall treasure company is odd the gentleman holds the position of Juergen Veil of piece of ministry market chief inspector make one's rounds of this year technology exhibits person of give a lecture, discuss research jointly with the ginseng person that meet technologies of all sorts of offset print innovation and new product. Those who deserve attention is, what to can let audience appreciate Gao Bao more intuitionisticly latest technology brings is brand-new experience, make one's rounds is exhibited special in Tianjin and lake city two stations arranged the spot to demonstrate an activity.

Latest technology of Gao Bao of 2008 year Germany recommends footmark of itinerate seminar activity to pervade city of Tianjin, Zhengzhou, lake, Dongguan 4 ground, main component is two themes, it is ultraviolet respectively with compound printer art and latest technology explains Deluba:

· Tianjin: Technical lecture -- what Gao Baoxian enters is ultraviolet reach compound printer art
The spot demonstrates -- Tianjin city collects a source to presswork limited company
· Zhengzhou: Technical lecture -- solution of Gao Baoquan azimuth
· lake city: Technical lecture -- what Gao Baoxian enters is ultraviolet reach compound printer art
The spot demonstrates and look around -- Zhejiang day outer packing pressworks Inc.
Lake city is universal green is packed presswork limited company
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