Tall treasure company appoints new client to support a director for web branch
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Company of tall treasure North America is the client with new department of its web press to support a director at appointing Stefan Prohaska recently. This appoints will from although day begins go into effect. On new working post, all technology personnel that Prohaska will be in charge of managing web press department to be in North America area, visit and contact is relevant client and manage this company to be located in Texas city branch of web press part.

Prohaska says: "The major while that I manage in Gao Baogong is the client of web printing machine that is us provide a service. I can help our client improve management profit and work efficiency to the thorough knowledge of web printing machine. I serve for the client directly commonly, ensure they are in the equipment installation, process that start and eliminates breakdown do not appear any accident. In addition, I cooperate with our design and engineering department even, so that make,equipment achieves highest function and efficiency. So that make,equipment achieves highest function and efficiency..

As we have learned, prohaska had worked 23 years in web branch of Gao Bao, before accepting this new appointment, he once held the position of printing machine of exorbitant treasure web to be in the United States on the west the service manager of coastal area.