Quarto of HG458 of new fund of industry of Hua Guang energy 4 kinds of offset pr
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Quarto of HG458 of industry of Hua Guang energy 4 kinds of offset press

Quarto of HG458 of industry of Hua Guang energy 4 kinds of offset press

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The company is about to roll out HG458 quarto 4 kinds of offset press. HG458 is 580 × 410mm with paper width of cloth, have 4 kinds or 5 kinds two kinds of type. This machine is divided use big offset print classical technique if at 3 o'clock suspension, edition platen walks along humeral iron substandard, still have semi-automatic on edition orgnaization; Fly amount to, receive paper, water to fight roller of roller, carpenter's ink marker to wait introduce drive of independent electric machinery; Edition of remote control attune; High table accepts paper system; Pneumatic closes pressure wait for a function, still can ask to add according to the user install infra-red and dry system, CPC remote control is reached for Chinese ink system enlightened be based on presswork the standard CIP3 port that digitlizes flow. This machine design is original, configuration is tall, the function exceeds strong, competitive advantage is clear, basically reflect in the following respects:

One, of HG458 polychromatic machine presswork width of cloth is 565 × 390mm, can presswork easily at the same time 2 are spending octavo, comfortable imprint range is wide, can print a standard to carry placard of envelope of bag, example, calendar, bazaar to wait, can contract to do a job the presswork of machine of majority tradition quarto is planted.

2, width of cloth of HG458 polychromatic machine is distinctive, have good economy, on one hand although be quarto offset press, dan Jiyin edition is the edition capable person that employs ply to be 0.15mm, and what traditional quarto machine uses is 0.3mm edition material, material of bad news of together with other is integrated machine of more traditional also quarto reduces cost greatly, all these was reduced greatly presswork cost. Because be quarto machine,on the other hand its imprint labor cost but be able to promote, this litre of those falls more show benefit advantage.

3, the technology is patulous the space is large. Because this machine can pass CIP3 port to use the data before imprinting, imprint machine is OK lubricious to every group undertakes Chinese ink color is installed automatically, make operate more standard, preparative time is shorter, operating sequence can be used at whole production process, the data that store can repeat use, develop towards network in global trend today, this one function more you raised manufacturing efficiency to create a condition.

Offset press of HG458 polychromatic machine was reflected centrally muti_function, efficient characteristic, the sexual price with excellent together with is more current than will making its are become commerce pressworks the first selection type of the industry.
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