Talk about short edition to presswork with large and efficient presswork equipme
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Think commonly, short edition pressworks should use small-sized device, but this the author should talk use large and efficient presswork equipment undertakes short edition pressworks.

Presswork now vivid presswork every time the quantity is ceaseless and contractible, presswork the efficiency of equipment is taller and taller. Main show is in: Above all, all pressworking of equipment presswork rate is rising ceaselessly, like sheet piece of paper offset press highest presswork speed has developed 18 thousand ~ 20 thousand pieces / hour, web offset press and web are sunken imprint of machine presswork speed already achieved 15 meters / second, the rate that links digital printing machine also is rising quickly; Next, presswork equipment pressworks width of cloth is increased ceaselessly, odd piece paper offset press pressworks width of cloth already achieved 1510mm × 2050mm, the punched tape width of newspaper web offset press already achieved 3, width of punched tape of commercial web offset press already achieved 2.25m, platen spreads out long 1240mm; Web books and periodicals is sunken imprint the punched tape width of machine already achieved 4.32m, presswork with respect to what join digital printing machine width of cloth also develops to width of cloth of A2, A1 by width of cloth of A4, A3, width of cloth is wider and wider, and development is rapid.

Case analysis reachs enlightenment

Presswork equipment width of cloth is older and older, because pack,be, the need that the presswork of old width of cloth such as advertisement, placard admits, but more important still is to improve productivity. Two abroad presswork in light of us the example of the factory.

The Prinovis with Liverpudlian England pressworks factory, june 2006 practice, presswork entirely the web that equipment is 4.32m of 3 fabric width and 2.75m of a fabric width is sunken imprint machine, 4 facility end 2007 are entire put into production. 400 people of entire factory worker, year presswork ability 160 thousand tons of paper, basically presswork presswork of foldout of magazine, newspaper, advertisement, straight mail and viatic catalog book etc.

Newspaper of Espace MediaGroup of Swiss Bai Erni prints factory, presswork to enlarge newspaper ability, use 3 fabric width the offset press of old roll web of 9 towers. Axial of platen of this kind of printing machine 6 pieces of edition, zhou Xiang 2 pieces of edition, efficiency is very tall. They think, printing machine of this kind of paper " presswork ideally vivid it is to produce paper of thousands of place. Should live when a structure is ideal, 6 edition are wide short edition pressworks with large and efficient presswork the cost effectiveness of equipment printing machine is unapproachable " . Their advantage reduce this kind of printing machine: "Printing machine of 3 wide platen, we need 3 towers to be able to imprint only a 72 edition are double-faced color, and should use printing machine of platen of double width bounty, need 4 half tower " . Presswork likewise quantity, presswork tower amount decreases. Accordingly, cover an area of an area small, can decrease presswork workshop invests; Punched tape amount decreases, percent defective is reduced; Presswork the tower decreases, preparative time shortens, improved productivity, can reduce operation and maintenance technician at the same time.
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