2000 to cycle of our country business developed market research 2004
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2004 on the arena of Chinese business cycle, hai Debao's form is active without in former years.

2003, begin from Europe, gauss is right inside global limits cycle of sea heart fort undertakes buying, 2004 have been when involving China bottom, business of sea heart fort annulus the sale during this gets very big impact.

The commercial cycle market that can foreknow 2005 has shown the fundamental key that gives joyous comedy. When there still is not an end on one year winter, explode the news that gave Shenzhen China business affairs to order gauss SUNDAY 2000, silent breathed domestic manufacturer also has an action all the time, be in for Harris after OEM is old, boreal person should roll out his commercial cycle. And from the point of client angle, hunan is new China, new China the China of daily, Shanghai below one Taiwan businessman that meets oneself in preparation annulus.

Even if is end-all ending, want always also to have fluctuant gut. The influence that the euro that goes strong brings still remains business of heart department equipment goes dealing with, intense with each passing day competition concern brought greater pressure to operator.

The total number that this second investigation lists is install in Chinese inland brand-new the circumstance of commercial cycle equipment, do not include half business cycle and two hand cycle equipment. In be investigated this, got gauss, Manluolan Gao Bao, 3 water chestnut, small dark, of the equipment business such as person of Wei Chang, north support energetically, this print expresses gratitude here.

Inland of findings indication China up to the business end 2004 annulus installation quantity is 67, from the point of the installation circumstance after 2000, divide outside was 6 2003, quantity of installation of its one's remaining years all is between 10-12 stage basic and smooth. Graph requesting an audience 1.

Graph 1

Graph 1

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