Manluolan in printing machine of Taipei TIGAX 08 material is exhibited on renew
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Manluolan, the whole world pressworks equipment leader, continued the brilliant ginseng of associate with exhibits military successes, 2008 press material of Taipei TIGAX 08 is exhibited in, its are gigantic the setting of a Manroland new Logo, of having a unique style presswork product, the person that attracted those who come from Taiwan all circles to look around, what communicated Manluolan successfully is brand-new brand image and core value: Manluolan is the most outstanding business partner, offer for the client " serve faster, efficiency taller, quality better, application is wider " appreciation pressworks plan.

The sample place with the elegant high quality that the client is printed by printing machine of graceful Luo Lan by these is attracted

The sample place with the elegant high quality that the client is printed by printing machine of graceful Luo Lan by these is attracted

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Manluolan is exhibited of field gigantic setting changes Manluolan again brand-new the information of Logo communicates Manluolan to have client and potential client, aggrandizement the trademark of Manroland is well-known degree. Exhibit this meeting, the client that Manluolan brings pressworks sample, include mutually exclusive glazing to imprint, cold very hot imprint, bead light wraps packet of advantage to stick, Zhou Li of paper of note of mammon announce good news, 2009 vertical, the accord of the person that got come from industry to look around reputably, raised Manroland equipment to presswork in home not only of the market famous degree, and also brought infinite business chance to graceful Luo Lan's client.

In the meantime, in the video tape that exhibits meeting site to be broadcasted circularly, if Manluolan makes the same score piece of offset press to presswork flow, colorPilot dominates handwriting or painting automatically special equipment application and cold very hot make Cheng wait attracted numerous visiting stream, ask to demand the relevant data of machine equipment in succession, seek a salesperson further explanation is relevant detail. And graceful Luo Lan's big client: Make the same score piece of equipment always China, force is filled, Ming Hao, always Feng Yu, coordinate, stretchy, wide amount to travel, 1000 Li He, the high-ranking administrator such as the Chinese times of cycle equipment and free times is arrived at personally exhibit, solemning is the ground like vivid advertisement advise others by using one's own experience, lingman Luo Lan is exhibited grace many!

This successful ginseng exhibits Manluolan, pull further close with the distance between Taiwan area client, brand-new image of company of graceful Luo Lan, also communicated again " we presswork namely " service marrow. Manluolan devotes oneself to those who prompt big China zone to presswork technology, offer conformity to presswork solution, help client promotes core competition ability, in the be the champion in intense market competition.
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