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Sea heart factory of general assembly of conspicuous of fort power Si Luo only then built 1957, be company of sea heart fort assemble a manufacturer, also be to show this age bound to go up the biggest with the most advanced printing machine instrument produces base. During 8 years of Deluba, surely win network reporter had favour to visit Weisiluohe on invitation general assembly factory.

In looking around this, we this altogether visited Weisiluohe the 9 jobs workshop of general assembly factory, it is CTP assembles workshop, content to shed width of cloth of workshop of center, gear cutting, quarto to assemble workshop, circuit board to produce workshop, old width of cloth to assemble a workshop respectively, exceed old width of cloth to assemble workshop and an equipment to reveal office. After equipment is assembled in this course and detecting, according to order for goods need carry goes the world of each district presswork factory. Although see time short, but the place of the actual strength that numerous details still made us personal experience print leader.

The standard grooms, make character

Presswork equipment spare parts is numerous, need nicety is made, many artificial operation needs in the process that equipment assembles, the technical level requirement that because this is right,assembles a worker is very strict. In Haidebao general assembly factory has Weisiluohe the student to strong finish school has the department of independence the technology grooms, introduce according to Hai Debao's staff member, before entering plant of sea heart fort, technical personnel needs the technology that has by a definite date 3 years to groom, the Fang Kezheng after assessment is passed type mount guard. During grooming 3 years, use the study pattern with teacher and man-to-man student, use groom unifiedly the standard undertakes training to student.

Take the simplest installation nut to be exemple, the specific standard that the teacher can install according to nut will undertake grooming to the institute, the angle when twisting nut for example, strength, these tiny segment can be in of the teacher groom tag very in detail in the standard. Because,also be these detail, just make the equipment that different installation worker installation comes out is maintaining unified quality, this also is why Haidebao pressworks the account that equipment maintains Gao Yin to brush precision from beginning to end.

Work subtly, casting with respect to character

German character, what cannot duplicate? The likelihood depends on its foundation machining so formerly. Gear is one of printing machine drive very important element, the discretion of its precision can affect the manufacturing precision of printing machine directly. When visitting gear plant, we saw a group of such data: The milling cutter price of gear of mill of sea heart fort is 5000 euro, and this milling cutter allows to be used 500 times only on mill car, after mill passes 500 times, as a result of the natural ageing of milling cutter, must undertake changing. Such calculating come, a milling cutter cannot machine how many gear to be about to proclaim actually retire. Same to can assure the correct fixed position of gear angle, hai Debao used a robot to undertake gear sets fixed position, in order to ensure the gear that each treatment comes out has same quality and precision. Gear cutting is a delegate only, in the assembly of whole machine, the installation of each fittings is actually very complex with careful work, the just right that lose, poor in. And the company culture of this kind of delicate task and enterprise implement power, be our home imprints actually the mechanism builds business place to be lacked most.
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