Scan group is introduced brand-new Haidebao fast bully CD 74 printing machine
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(the United States) of Scan group presswork director Dave Dec is seeking an appropriate press all the time, he hopes this equipment has the reader of chromatic control strip that can eliminate the system of alterable embellish edition in pressworking and can spare many time, finally, the Haidebao that he contains besmear cloth unit from 6 kinds fast bully CD 74 pressworks on everything what got oneself want.

Dec says: "The service of company of sea heart fort is very excellent, it is the optimal option that buys printing machine. " Dec should know very well this, because he once was on equipment of sea heart fort,worked 22 years. Scan group is the earliest be from a film and build up of the atelier before imprinting, but through 20 old development, it had made a full service now model originality and manufacturing group and commerce presswork factory.

Besides newest beyond introduced CD 74 printing machine, this pressworks two machine of plate making of an a printing machine of printing machine of a when the factory still has company of sea heart fort 5 kinds of GTO, dichromatic and double-faced MOZP, Prosetter 74, Starr two folding machine, Paula a paper cutting machine, Stitchmaster ST-455 is bound machine. In addition, scan group still is using mackintosh of Hai Debao Saphira Perfect Dot and clear lotion.