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Below the circumstance that drops ceaselessly in profit, how to raise manufacturing efficiency to become presswork the key that manufacturer life and death lives or die. This is how faster, more agile the problem with higher production efficiency. This is Manluolan why with " successful motivation " give priority to a problem, should invite about 30 clients that come from a certain area to the Manluolan that is located in Bach of German Ao Fen to presswork regularly technical center attends Printservices to presswork the technology bears day, share the method that how improves manufacturing efficiency and the reason that learn real operation together.

The first Printservices that holds from April 2007 pressworks since the technology bears day, had had more than 500 technology managers that come from world each district, manufacturing manager and presswork the manufacturer achieves the result of following heat problems: I how the specific requirement that more agile ground satisfies different client and the manufacturing efficiency that improve me? How do I make sharper reaction to the new requirement of the market? Can I be in shorter presswork do more pressworking make work hourly in preparative time? Printing machine was bought in the client implement hind, manluolan pressworks in theirs the hour in whole lifecycle of the system is being accompanied presswork manufacturer, offer high grade machine to safeguard the systematic solution with optimization for them. PRINTVALUE of graceful Luo Lan pressworks value, included service and 4 fields that back a brand, know tendency of the market, and create personalized solution, be like: Printcom general De Kangyin brushs material, printservices pressworks technical support, printnet pressworks system and Printadvice presswork seek advice etc.

Witness Printserivces

Testimony Printserivces pressworks the success of technical support day: The communication of the try out of new technology and expert opinion. Bach of Ao Fen of graceful Luo Lan pressworks the proposal that the machine of technical center demonstrates to arise lets a guest feel be convinced.

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Provide very practical knowledge and technical ability

Printservices pressworks the technology bears day, offerred the experience opportunity of practice and academic photograph union for everybody, let everybody communicates each other and discuss the specific need of each companies. Here, presswork experts are top to producing security yield ProServ serves a plan special have fun at, in the meantime, they also connect " long-range remote control to diagnose system and the " Dali that can provide support quickly when occurrence circumstance to connect " long-range remote control to diagnose systematic intelligence to diagnose a solution remotely to TelePresence" Dali special have fun at. The person that look around is special have fun at want to know how more and more apply modern science and technology to make each produce program couplet line and automation widely. What this activity makes a person impressive most is to use color and an offset press of 6 10 kinds of ROLAND 700 HiPrint do the spot to demonstrate. Should demonstrate to make everybody close be like the requirement that nowadays also can satisfy after why increasing a few add functions and augment to upgrade to old printing machine soon. These upgrading include to be like device of intelligence of line of couplet of ROLAND InlineCoater Smart glazing, namely printing machine is the last presswork device of glazing of drawknife of type of the changeover on unit speech, and the device of blast of Chinese ink roller that contains function of the mist that divide Chinese ink.
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