3 water chestnut weigh labour to hold the 10 thousandth sheet piece paper printi
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"Net Production Nets Profits " , namely with " shorten to the utmost the machine down time that pressworks to prepare and be used at adjusting to wait, increase actual production (presswork) time " to develop a theme, need not from go up at all the original orgnaization such as change drive method can realize what at the same time forme exchanges " SIMULCHANGER " with what do not contact Mo Jian to be able to undertake colour is adjusted " DIAMOND Color Navigator " etc, these break commonsensible originality and development goes all sorts of device that come and orgnaization, and be weighed be downy geometry (downy geometry configuration) , the brand-new design that has affinity to the person, all obtained high opinion, order goods in what a few accepted during Drupa etc, order goods the volume is rising steadily now.

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