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Power sea printing machine fetterses after the make a great coup on Lu Ba of heart of limited company afterwards, again high-key appear on advertisement of 2008 Shanghai international to presswork fair of wrapping paper trade, revealing a stage to go up, revealed the WIN524 that is evaluated higher on Deluba ceremoniously 4 kinds of offset press.

Exhibit in this on the meeting, power sea printing machine fetterses the WIN524 that limited company ginseng exhibits 4 kinds of offset press, everyday at any time with 12000 pieces / the hour pressworks speed spot switchs on the mobile phone demonstrate, black-and-white imprints article elegant, win an audience to praise.

High quality, low price is power sea printing machine fetterses all the time the objective that limited company place pursues, this WIN524 of 4 kinds of offset press roll out, complete explanation gives this definition, ideal heavy-duty and rigid structure, whole is firm, overprint is accurate; Perfect and advanced abundance is configured, reflect level of product tall automation; Choose follow one's inclinationsly distribute unit, show price of product tall sex to compare. All without exception shows move power sea imprints the management concept of satisfaction of machine pursuit user.

4 kinds of offset press can be in WIN524 contented client grows edition and short edition on the oldest rate high-grade color print the need of Wu, use numerical control extensively to go up technology, automatically edition, outside buy type helical gear, automatic separation and reunion of lubricant, pneumatic is pressed, high point shuts a tooth, fly amount to type of paper, lap to give paper implement, the advanced technique that the high-grade offset press such as alcohol embellish edition just uses, highest presswork speed amounts to 12000 pieces of S/h. And besides have substantial level besides configuration, still offer an user to choose the high end of outfit to configure, if Chinese ink is lubricious,remote control and rubber and Chinese ink roller are cleaned automatically wait for device, contented client increases the need that manufactures efficiency further.

WIN524 4 kinds of offset press

WIN524 4 kinds of offset press

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