Group of spring breeze of city of look forward to rolls out green environmental
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On July 12 morning, informal discussion of client of Shenzhen of limited company of rubber roll of spring breeze silver-colored star and YJ, news briefing of C new product is held.

Liu Jinpeng of vise general manager of spring breeze group makes a speech on the meeting, he says: Limited company of rubber roll of silver-colored star of Heibei spring breeze is Heibei spring breeze of industrial group control share company, the company built a plant 1979 () of factory of rubber roll of city of Yuan Mingji state, silver-colored star company is industry of Chinese rubber roll builds a plant the earliest, dimensions breed of the biggest, product the rubber roll with the most complete, the strongest comprehensive strength specializations enterprise. The administer below limited company of rubber roll of silver-colored star of Heibei spring breeze controls share company 1 times (limited company of rubber roll of Yin Xing of Fosan city spring breeze) 3 rubber roll create subsidiary, institute of a technology. Development of nearly 30 years, rubber roll of silver-colored star card already developed 3 old series, have presswork equipment of rubber roll series, office uses roller series, industrial roller series, add up to model of 10 thousand many norms. Presswork rubber roll series applies in offset print, sunken imprint, soft imprint and the number pressworks, still have before imprinting, roller is used after imprinting. Office equipment applies in needle type to print with roller series, laser is printed, duplicate, fax, ink jet is printed and plastic with roller. Industrial roller series includes edition of steely metallurgy, papermaking, leather, P5, carpentry and printing and dyeing to use roller. Company of spring breeze silver-colored star was in charge of drafting " presswork rubber roll " and " the electron prints roller " national level, assumed " woodworker rubber roll " and " metallurgy industry rubber roll " the drafting job of occupation standard. The technical level that the rubber roll of form a complete set of printing machine of the fort, as tall as sea heart treasure of company research and development, Qiu Shan, 3 water chestnut, Luo Lan reached former outfit roller. The company has the honor to win the 50 multinomial honorary title that city of country, ministries and commissions, province and trade organization grant early or late. Be judged to be by committee of supervisory evaluation of quality of French science and technology early or late " product of high quality science and technology " , be judged to be by association of Chinese technology supervisory information " quality of product of countrywide rubber roll is excellent be at ease brand enterprise " , in Chinese quality 10 thousand lis go be judged to be in the activity " double safeguard of quality, credit carries out an enterprise " , be connected by Nanjing Fuji the company is judged for " abide by contract defend reputation outstanding supplier " , be judged to be by Chinese agriculture bank " unit of AAA class credit " , obtain first " presswork equipment and equipment user satisfaction spend a brand (equipment kind) " wait the first times.
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