Entrance equipment wants be practical and realistic - printing machine fetterses
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Minister of development department of technique of former group of headquarters of company of group of person of Han Xiaoliang north, ceng Ren China pressworks reach committee member of committee of technology of association of equipment equipment industry. Fetters for countrywide printing machine now standardization technology committee is advisory. Han Xiaoliang is aimed at today presswork of equipment purchase an enterprise to propose talk more quite.

Ministry of finance of People's Republic of China released the 2nd announcement to point out 2007, " domestic investment project does not grant to import catalogue duty-freely (edited 2006) " carry out since March 1, 2007, the facility of entrance of domestic investment project that has new approval from March 1, 2007 namely is uniform according to " domestic investment project does not grant to import catalogue duty-freely (edited 2006) " carry out.

New duty-free policy is give attention to two or morethings undoubtedly presswork the course of study that pack and presswork the demand of both sides of equipment manufacturing industry, suit on one hand presswork technical reformation mixes the course of study that pack sail upstream flat demand, also consider those who change a standard equipment of printing machine tool is homebred rise. For this, presswork to differring the rate that equipment raises to differ and norms undertake duty-free set a line.

Authority is clear, although import the speed of equipment to be more than homebred equipment far, but pressworking the company that pack is produced actually in, do not use top speed far. To sheet piece paper printing machine, use rate of common entrance equipment is in 11000~13000 piece / between the hour, and homebred run from opposite directions odd the speed of piece of paper printing machine has achieved 15000 pieces / hour, of quarto and printing machine of octavo only paper presswork speed has achieved 11000~13000 piece / hour, completely OK full footprint brushs real need.

Some enterprises are told, without abroad entrance equipment does not take work, the work that takes also does not prepare to be done with foreign equipment, is this kind of entrance significant still? Once loan of a business bought printing machine of web of commerce of a M600, presswork for the sake of carrying on the newspaper of art paper, because imprint,taste a quantity however too little, can half an year has spare time of vivid half an year, give the difficult one disaster after another that because printer price is too low,has created a company, 70% what use printing machine of domestic business web to need to import the price only at most however, presswork speed achieves 40000 pieces / hour, and equipment is mixed except press group outside folding machine group, the configuration level of other unit and abroad are identical (point to receive box of paper, drying, refrigeration automatically to cover the configuration that waits for device definitely device of device, the glazing that add silicon, automatically) .
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