American MJA installs Hai Debao QM 46 successfully to march offset print
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MJA graph company is a number of American pressworks inn, installed Haidebao successfully recently printing machine of double lubricious Printmaster QM 46, announce to march offset print market.

Chief expresses related MJA graph company, to this machine, the personage inside course of study praises all the time unceasingly, move in our workshop now very good.

Printing machine of Printmaster QM 46 of Hai Debao double color

Through effort of 8 years, the workshop area of MJA company has achieved 11000 square foot. Besides this recently besides printing machine, its still have wave of sea heart fort to pull paper cutting machine and contest to fly upwards Perfect Dot mackintosh and bad news material.

The complete digitlization that does not have offset print equipment as pressworks factory, hai Debao QM 46 let MJA company enter the market of offset print of short edition double color in etc of letter paper, calling card, envelope, the market that is in place is had rate get promotion into.

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