Homebred VS imports: Gap of technology of homebred small offset press wheres
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Through be opposite homebred with foreign entrance small offset press undertakes contrasting detecting, the product quality that discovers domestic small offset press and technical level still exist the following problem.

   The form that develops as a result of products plan is different

The product of homebred small offset press is developed, have a plenty of introduce a product, have a plenty of draw lessons from foreign type, have a plenty of own development, have a plenty of what hold concurrently and have, product measure series is quite accordingly multifarious, raised social cost, it is with applicable the biggest paper exemple, the paper norms of the product has 15 to plant. Proposal company presses standard of national measure series and paper standards standard to undertake adjustment to norms, reduce measurement standards, be helpful for the formation of industrialization.

   Printing machine model is not accorded with " method of work out of model of printing machine product " standard

It is better that the product number of above of quarto printing machine is carried out basically, manufacturer of majority of small-sized offset machine the name of phoneticize abbreviate coronal with this company name, replace printing machine and forme sort number, did not implement occupation standard. The market that already of foreign look forward to crosses a few years is intense compete, congener product manufacturer is put only 1, 2, the user allows legibility, and enterprise of Chinese close a hunderd schools produces all sorts of pressworking the printing machine of means and book size, the user gets the information that should know very hard from inside number, this kind of state should cause the attention of the enterprise.

   Small offset press each manufacturer leaves factory technical condition difference is bigger

The occupation standard with active short of of a lot of enterprise of small offset print or only up to mark, abundant without put apart reserve is measured, and many a factory level of foreign product is higher than us, be like overprint accuracy, taller than us 30% above, and be below high speed, with fast below, different fast fall to be able to maintain same precision. Overprint precision occupation standard asks 0. 033mm, the GB in tower above of equipment of actual measurement abroad allows 50% above. The geometrical precision of main part also the 60% one 80% above of tower above occupation standard. We return check to cross a small offset press that uses 15 years of above, its are main the geometrical precision of the component still is in our occupation standard. Should believe national emphasis industry, selective examination for many times through the industry and rise wait for the activity that achieve actor, product quality is belonged to certainly excellent, and accord with occupation standard. But, have quite requirement of occupation standard of short of of one part enterprise.
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