PRIMIR report is analytical odd the future of piece of paper offset print develo
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Presswork to understand better the company is right odd the view of development of piece of future of technology of paper offset print, the United States pressworks PRIMIR of market survey orgnaization (presswork industry market information and research organization, english abbreviate PRIMIR) entrust acute heart group (Reed Business Information) had a research, the title of research is " 2006~2011 year odd the trend of technology of piece of paper offset print " . Research pressworks to commerce respectively, pack pressworked to undertake study with the different domain such as specialty printing, content includes to the industry is described and be purchased to company fixed assets, presswork the analysis of width of cloth and plant layout, and technology of line of automation, couplet and environment, safety performance.

Commerce pressworks the industry of the domain expresses, they are in in a planned way will raise their dependence to automation henceforth degree. Some presswork enterprise general pressworks steadily ability is attributed to the price and higher profit to progress in machine automation and technology. "Our record is a when use us new 6 lubricious sheet piece paper offset press produces 14 batches of work in 8 hours of Chanbanneisheng, average of every business presswork the quantity is 2500, we completed total production and changeover work. If be to be on our old printing machine, then the 3~4 that finish approves work every pretty good. Then the 3~4 that finish approves work every pretty good..

Research returns discovery, a lot of enterprises are beginning to accept the working flow of compatible JDF, but can discover from the answer of a lot of enterprises, the personnel of the promotion of these industry shortage market, JDF work flow that carry out and manages high automation.

Consider to discover, now " environmental problem has replaced health and safety " become most the problem that gets attention, because health and safe respect had had very strict code,this is probably. A lot of industries express, in 3 years of future, the social responsibility that the enterprise will pay close attention to an enterprise more, can develop to be discharged with greenhouse gas continuously wait for a problem, these problems will affect the choice of the operation of the enterprise and supplier.

Research returns discovery, a lot of sheet piece paper pressworks the enterprise also begins number of mount a horse to presswork, but great majority is presswork the number serve as short edition, fast changeover presswork system, is not the alterable data business that is used at producing high additional cost. For bread, these enterprises prefer to choose practical model odd piece of paper printing machine, namely 24 inches to 40 inches presswork width of cloth, had better be perfecting brush and contain device of couplet line glazing. When upgrade, become more agile besides the birth that allows oneself, presswork the automation rate that the enterprise returns hope machine is higher, the technology is more advanced, will answer with this shorter and shorter imprint quantity, smaller and smaller pressworking width of cloth and faster and faster business changeover.
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