Enlightenment of Shikoku of southeast Asia of visit of goodwill mission of Shan
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Arrive from the river austral beautiful Thailand Mei surging Vietnam 9 dragon river, from vigor 4 ejaculation lion cities arrive the Malaysia of scene charming and gentle, shan head " go, come in please " pace all the more is sturdy, foreground all the more is capacious. Just when whole town fluctuates to be carried out seriously,fulfil another name for Guangdong Province east working conference, province the 10th times the party takes the place of generation of the 9th party of meeting, city is met spirit, grab pay the good luck, important hour that accelerates development, came 29 days on July 18, huang Zhiguang of secretary of municipal Party committee heads group of goodwill mission of Shan head city, cross Shikoku, pass dialect, connect country situation, look for business chance, seek cooperation, last a period of time 11 days, achievement plentiful and substantial, achieve complete success. Visit consolidates not only and promotional the feeling with countrymen residing abroad of book of broad and abroad tide, and through them the success of overseas does poineering work and footprint, saw southeast Asia each country accelerates the energy of opportunity of survival that economy grows, see Shan the head is participated in and be extended east the tremendous potential that alliance classics trade cooperates. Can say, the brigade content of this one friendship, collaboration, development is rich, deal with concrete matters relating to work is efficient, far-reaching. Harvest dribs and drabs all the way, ponder over knowledge all the way, seek development good plan all the way, of eye shot widen, the collision of the viewpoint, the edificatory of the thought, accelerate the head that it is Shan development, implementation is revitalized in the round and rise abruptly offer draw lessons from effectively.

Condensing live abroad heart is Shan head the lasting theme that accelerates development

To Shan head, live abroad countryside is calling card of a piece of city. Shan head is established 26 years ago special economic zone, had because of Shan head namely abroad the current record countrymen residing abroad of 10 million. Come for years, the agglomeration of live abroad heart, the play of live abroad force, make the elegant demeanour develop a school of one's own of countryside of Shan head live abroad, live abroad endowment already became an our city to introduce the main source of foreign capital, become carry out " go " main bridge of the strategy, become rise open to the outside world fundamental strength of the level. Since reforming and opening, in the foreign capital of 70 much dollars that introduces in the our city, nearly 9 becoming is abroad villager investment; In assist career of home town commonweal to go up, accumulative total of abroad countrymen residing abroad contributes a RMB 4.5 billion multivariate. Not simply such, promoting Shan head interacts external and friendly communicating to go up, also deeply engrave the name of countrymen residing abroad.

The travel of southeast Asia Shikoku, witness the achievement of current record countrymen residing abroad, position and consequence, make a person proud. What delegacy is contacted extensively and visit is political influential, have a place socially, economically the live abroad that there is attainment on actual strength, major is gotten organize with mass organizations. Each is unripe the teaching material with the struggling vivid like course that is born not to cease, communicate the move, idea that inspiring us ceaselessly.
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