Hai Debao releases 2008/2009 money year money signs up for first quarter
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Deluba exhibits profit from meeting, order of sea heart fort grows 23% , amount to 1.151 billion euro; Not consign order comes by growth of 874 million euro 1.298 billion euro
◆ achieves sales revenue 657 million euro, than last year the corresponding period glides somewhat
This ◆ quarter operation deficit 35 million euro

Profit from world's banner industry distinguished gathering -- Deluba pressworks the success that exhibit is held, 2008/2009 financial year Haidebao pressworks first quarter mechanical joint-stock company (Haidebao) there is behead to obtain greatly in order respect, with photograph of the corresponding period rose than order last year 23% , be as high as 1.151 billion euro (on money year: 934 million euro) . Meanwhile, suffer market environment effect, and user people because Deluba is exhibited,meet hold and delay investment decision-making, sale and profit all exceed now to slip, first quarter (came on April 1 on June 30) implementation sales revenue 657 million euro (on money year: 742 million euro) . Up to first quarter end, not consign order total is 1.298 billion euro (on quarter up to on March 31, 2008: 874 million euro) .

"Deluba exhibits the order that signs on the meeting to mean the 2nd, the excel of financial standing meeting of 3 quarters first quarter. " Haidebao is presiding apparitor • Mr Shi Haier expresses Benhate. "Lu Ba of heart of our have the aid of is farther aggrandizement Haidebao pressworks in the whole world on the market get army position. But global economy depression is clearly to the concussion of the market. We adopt measure actively already to optimize cost structure, the hope can offset harmful impact in metaphase. The hope can offset harmful impact in metaphase..

Deficit of this operation of company of fort of quarterly sea heart 35 million euro (go up money year: Gain 26 million euro) . deficit net value is 39 million euro first quarter (on money year: Gain 8 million euro) .

Suffer buy Hi-Tech Coatings company, Deluba to join exhibit element of the demote below charge and sale to be affected jointly, this period cash lumen is shown under on money year level, drop to lose 211 million euro (on money year: Lose 81 million euro) .

"No less than anticipates before, sale exhausted soft is not groovy charge to increase cause Haidebao this money year operation shows loss first quarter. " heart of presiding finance official overcomes Haidebao explanation of Mr Kailibai says • , "We are ensuring a series of cost are cut hard measure carries out a success, realize charge to save by the plan thereby. Realize charge to save by the plan thereby..

Up to on June 30, 2008, group of sea heart fort has stuff in the whole world 19, 737 (go up quarter: 19, 596) . Total number increases this quarterly staff result from buy the reason such as Hi-Tech Coatings company, if not will consider inside, this period employee sum total reduces 77 people.
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