Record small-offset market development in China
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Reform and opening up all kinds of printing of only 11,211, and now has grown to nearly 100,000. Offset printing has become popular in developed countries, when China still remain in office printing plate with engraved wax mimeographed stage, still in the hand-printed books and newspapers ranked and backward lead letterpress printing stage. Was outdated facilities, low productivity, severely affecting the printing industry. Book difficult to resolve the situation, countries have set up special loan printing, offset printing equipment development, and began the second revolution in the printing industry. Offset printing business card printing equipment from the start, has been a small offset press desk, 392mm Roll paper feeding specifications of the small phase offset printing equipment and other light, quick printing equipment market began to rise. The second revolution in printing technology, to promote the elimination of nearly one thousand of the invention of movable type, printing equipment manufacturing industry to China's development has brought a good opportunity. Upgrading of the printing machinery and equipment, offset printing equipment from small to large, from low to high, becoming the envy of the printing machinery industry equipment industry. The development of the printing equipment industry and the country's economic development has been closely related with people's cultural life has been raising the level of closely related with the printing industry is more closely related technological advances. The market in a variety of printing equipment, small offset printing press through the development process, that is representative, and most thrilling in the fierce market competition, the printing equipment industry has become the most successful example. In many small offset press manufacturers, the old state-owned enterprises in Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Yingkou Guanhua offset in Ebb Tide, still walking in the forefront of the field. Another dark horse Weifang Huaguang Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., tape recorders and gauges from the car manufacturers converting presses only a decade ago, has become the industry leader, and together they create the myth of the printing equipment market. 20 years of reform and opening up: the three pillars of manufacturing enterprises 20 years of reform and opening up, small offset press manufacturers have said the three pillars. Yingkou Guanhua was a small offset press offset printing machine company is a leader in business, annual sales have reached the billion yuan, ranking in the top ten sales in the printing machinery industry, is one of only a small offset press manufacturers. In 1997, the company's products are brand-name products as the original machinery, printing equipment company is also manufacturing enterprises as the only star enterprise, corporate reputation and market sales unmatched, even in Russia and the United States are little known. Achievements of that era, coincided with the era of the printing industry, office automation, market opportunities and business philosophy and the spirit of reform are closely related. Another enterprise is the Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., which is a production of letterpress printing equipment, the state designated manufacturer, the product structure adjustment, offset press manufacturers successfully converted. Brand rating in 1997 when just under one step away no commentary on the brand, because only a small offset press business list. Weihai Printing Machinery Co., a small offset press products, the Hamada's Japanese background, a joint venture with the Japanese factory when Hamada, Hamada of Japan to obtain the right to use the company's technology, products, technology leader in the industry, products not only to adapt to office automation has been printed, but also for industrial printing, complete sets of its products already include card machines, drilling machines, folding machines, paper cutter and forms printing equipment, has begun to sprout time series solution prototype program. The third enterprise is the group of second-Printing Machine North, although it missed the products and brand names, but he has a strong technical Group of the North and economic support to small color offset press to set the rules and the former rules and the side feeding the bridge, to achieve color commercial printing paper. In the "Ninth Five-Year" has been developed, including the end of multi-color offset press machine including a series of small products, the end result of the commercial printing market has not formed, and to stop production, but in the printing equipment market have a better impact. Turn of the century: new businesses come to the fore "Ninth Five-Year" end to the "fifth" initially, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the sudden emergence of the private economy, some machine manufacturers began to cross into the printing machinery manufacturing. The development of small offset press products, especially the early development of monochrome products, low capital investment, product technology content is small, but the market space, not only widely used in national institutions, schools and fast printing companies, printing companies, and to adapt to the then booming private reality. With the involvement of dysfunction of small offset press manufacturers have the ranks of the rapid expansion of the number of manufacturing companies, up more than 100 when into the enterprise. Into the enterprise's brand categories also varied, with Japan, China Eastern, Hamada of Japan, Japan Yoshiaki, UK David Robinson, Heidelberg GTO, Bronte love the United States and so on. At this time, the myth of small offset printing press took place in Shandong Weifang area, a large number of small manufacturing enterprises in the market can buy ready-made technologies and drawings, and even mechanical processing equipment without investing in the market to be under one roof the entire product components. Their low prices and flexible marketing tool, readily available technical personnel and the close of the service, for a time in the industry to roll up an unprecedented price war, the three pillars of the situation serious threat to established businesses have hurt. Then, in the small offset market competition, including former three winners, including six companies. Among them, Huaguang Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. Weifang Huaguang Technology rely on the technical background of the original, with the industry, serialized, and the introduction of foreign technology and other means, in all aspects of walking in the forefront of the industry. Beijing Electric Group is a diversified foreign-funded enterprises, with new business ideas and a strong science and technology, through acquisitions to expand business scale, also entered the industry-leading position. Of course, the joint venture - Yingkou Yingkou Sanxin Guanhua Group company out of the printer after using a mature sales network and deposited in the human and technical resources, although the price war affected to some extent, however, is still in the technical and quality occupy the top six positions. With the escalating competition in the market, particularly the development of computer-aided devices, office printing equipment by the printer, high-speed copiers, one of the machines and the impact of digital printing, traditional printing companies began to seek a new way of existence. Some companies are still grappling small offset market, some enterprises to enter the competition for four open areas, and some companies sink in the competition with a brand business, began to enter the high-end market. 2001 Fifth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, Weifang Huaguang Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced both 520mm and 500mm forward-looking multi-color printing machine, small offset market began a new round of market contest. Nearly seven years: one-third of the world Liao Lu Enterprises After nearly seven years of development, some companies are still hesitant, have to follow up the development and manufacture of multi-color machine, so 500mm, 520mm, 560mm sizes increasing sales of multi-color machine, currently has about 12 enterprises to enter the field, and gradually formed the three pillars of the new situation. In the new situation in the three pillars of the evolving process, Liaoning Han Koon Wah Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (former Yingkou Guanhua Offset Limited) Although late to enter the field of multi-color machine, but by the second internal restructuring, extraordinary The multi-color machine development and Shenzhen Han capital injection, and in 2006 with the merger of Yingkou Sanxin Printing Co., Ltd, the enterprise business again get the top spot in the small offset, multi-color machine sales and occupy the field The first, multi-color machine production and sales in 2007 reached 303 units. Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. Weifang Huaguang supported by government funds, corporate restructuring zero-cost, high-end product upgrading and cooperation with foreign famous enterprises, rapidly expanding market share, sales have been in second place, in 2007 polychromatic machine production and sales volume has reached 225 units. Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. in the development of the printing machinery industry has made more than the first. First, in the small offset printing industry, the first successful restructuring of the private and business to follow the case as Bushao; second, and Weifang Huaguang Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. and launched a proprietary Duose offset press; three Land replacement is the first way to seek a successful model of enterprise development, enterprise area (area of 120 acres), processing methods and production conditions have been living in the forefront of the industry, multi-color printing production and sales companies has reached 103 units.