Web Offset Press offset into the future direction of the market
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Now, digital printing will replace the voice of traditional print on high, but I feel that premature. Not to mention the development of digital printing itself is not mature, he said during the traditional printing technology itself has improved, is still highly competitive. Let us say it is very popular in traditional offset printing. Currently there are more widely used offset sheet-fed offset and web offset press, both have their own characteristics. Advantages of web offset press Compared to single-sheet offset press, web offset has the following advantages: first, web offset sheet-fed offset printing more than 3 to 4 times faster, and can be printed simultaneously in the folding. At the same time, you can double-sided printing ink, plastisol ink printing can also drying, high efficiency. Second, the high flexibility of web offset printing, can print in several publications (such as several newspapers, books or magazines), while maintaining the efficiency advantage of web offset press design, and solve the reduced volume of printing small problem. Third, the web offset press, high efficiency, and substrate and inks used in sheetfed offset the cost lower than many (foreign-related statistics, the general cost of substrates by 20% to 25% lower ink costs 50%), and therefore its overall effectiveness is higher. Both cold-type or heatset web offset press, the printing margins were significantly higher than that of sheet-fed offset press. Fourth, the web offset sheetfed offset press did not need to spray, so as not to pollute the environment, even more environmentally friendly. Foreign development of web offset market Many countries, especially developed countries, the use of the offset press web offset presses are mainly supplemented by sheet-fed offset press. If the United States after 80 years in the 20th century, has been dominated by the largest web offset market share, leading the entire printing industry. In Europe (including Eastern Europe) is also based on the main web offset press. Japan in 2008 web offset and sheet-fed offset printing market share ratio is 8:2, which is two years, the web offset press installed capacity still rising, and sheet-fed offset press installed capacity was continues to decline, which may also, web offset printing market share continue to rise. Web offset press manufacturers currently share the top three market share are: MAN Roland, Gaussian and high-Po, the share of the three web offset market share accounted for 80%. Web offset market, the domestic situation and development trend China's current newspaper web offset printing has been largely achieved. Books printed in the developed regions, web offset has also been a rapid development, and higher market share. However, in commercial and packaging printing, web offset application is still relatively small, so there is still much of web offset printing press market development. Some printer manufacturers China was spotted this potential, and so have to develop web offset market, and one of the best non-Shanghai Electric Group is none other than printing and packaging machinery. This year they formally acquired the world's leading manufacturer of web offset Gaussian, which occupy their country and the world in the future, web offset the commanding heights of the market will play an important role. Of course, we would like to see web offset printing equipment and other advanced printing industry in the promotion of China, and hope this can promote the continuous development of China's printing industry and, ultimately, our country achieved during the second five powers made by the printer Printing power transformation goals.