In September offset the market decline
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"Offset international tender market research report" shows: September 2010, China International Tendering Market Project Offset is less than twenty, a decline of nearly 50%. Purchases last two sets, winning less than the number three in August One, a straight line down. Compared with the same period, the number of projects and procurement volume has decreased to some extent. In September offset the distribution of the ten provinces, including Hebei project in the amount of degrees higher this month, product demand is relatively large. Second, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Beijing, projects in these areas is essentially the volume and product demand The same. Fujian, Hunan and other places in September also purchased a number of offset. Overall, the September distribution of offset market, breaking the previous Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, "turns Zuozhuang" situation. Heidelberg China Limited to items accounted for 50% of the absolute advantage in the first row in the monthly, and its rival Keni Xi & Bauer AG of Germany to the project this month, the amount of the share of 18.75% in the second row, the number of successful products respect, The gap between the two is not too big. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to maintain the market share of good press, in September the project accounted for more than 12.50%. Compared with August, a trillion Di sunken Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., and Gaussian graphic printing system (in the China) Limited performed well this month. Manufacturer, the advantage is still the absolute Heidelberg, Keni Xi & Power ranked second, accounting for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries project than 12.5%, but compared to the period, better results this month, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the same Japanese brand, and once there Komori good market this month is not successful. Alternating Gauss, Ryobi, MAN Roland offset presses and other September in each a certain share of the market.