Kerry and the southwest market into the top of the new offset press RYOBI demon
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November 16, 2010 morning, the Beijing Jiahe Electronics Co., Ltd. held the top of the new "RYOBI (Ryobi) introduced the Chengdu High-speed offset press presentations" in Chengdu Yinhe Dynasty Hotel. From Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Packaging Technology Printing Technology Association and the Association related to leadership, well-known printing enterprise representatives in Chengdu, and Chengdu, the media and other industry leading total of more than 60 business representatives invited to participate in this event. The demonstration activities and top by Beijing Jia Welcoming the new chairman of Mr. Zhao Yao, his first arrival of distinguished guests expressed their heartfelt thanks. According to Zhao introduced, established in 1992, Ka Ting Hsin Electronics Co., Ltd. is Japan's Ryobi printing equipment in China, the agents, the company more than ten years of development, has been in China pre-press, printing and binding equipment India market to win a wide range of market share. Sichuan printing industry occupies an important position in the west, both the number of printing companies, practitioners and industrial output are at the forefront of the printing, and changing rapidly, so this is Chengdu Jie Hing Printing Limited and provided by Sky Printing Printing Equipment We are very honored. Then the top by Beijing Kerry and Vice President Mr. Wang Rongde new to tell you about the Chengdu Ryobi offset press with the specific use of the customer, he said: "The 920 series offset the efficiency and economy, not only can quickly complete a variety of activities parts, and relatively compact size, better able to save printing costs and improve competitiveness of enterprises, more and more welcomed by customers. "deputy general manager Mr. Wang Rongde also introduced, Ryobi has sold hundreds of just a few years Taiwan, especially the 920 offset press, mature technology, product sales have been unique, our customers get the recognition and love. And for the price, its single channel is that energy saving, material saving, comprehensive energy saving more than 30%, bringing the value of a lot of money. Finally, the Chengdu Institute of Package Printing Technology Printing Technology Association of the Secretary-General delivered a speech respectively. Secretary-General said he was pleased to attend this event, that in the face of intense commercial printing market, as the Japanese distributor of the company Ryobi - Ka Ting Hsin able to offset the market steady, continuous progress. At the meeting, many customers, especially on cold equipment, Ryobi 1050 hot technology, molding technology and high added value is very interested. In May 2008 the German Drupa exhibited 1050-5 ribbon coating unit printing press, offset press in the series now in Asia, Europe, America and other countries in the printing business put into use, be the user's high praise and recognition. The introduction marks the RYOBI offset press machine and upgraded to a new level, RYOBI company has become the world several manufacturers to produce one large-format offset press. Many customers said that facilities such visit face to face, understand Ryobi offset press, really benefit. In such interactions, not only can communicate with each other and can make many new friends. Although a very short time together, but a long road ahead, we believe that we work together, through constant innovation and improvement of the trust will have a lasting future together!