The action of fluid of edition of offset print embellish and control (below)
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(3) the concentration control of embellish edition fluid

The chroma of embellish edition fluid is edition pointing to embellish how many what former juice contains in fluid. Former fluid is former fluid of embellish wet pink or embellish edition commonly.

A lot of presswork when the factory is using embellish edition liquid, the acid-base value that notices embellish edition fluid only wants control to be inside the limits of the requirement (PH value is 5 ~ 6) , and oversight the chroma of embellish edition fluid. Because more amortize juice was added in fluid of partial profit edition, when the chroma of embellish edition fluid has very big change, its acid-base value (namely PH is worth) change is not apparent however, accordingly, controlling PH to be worth only is unscientific.

Because change of pH indicator of embellish edition fluid makes his chemical,change into cent happening, affect water Chinese ink to balance thereby. PH indicator of embellish edition fluid changes, still can cause change of exterior activator pH indicator, cause the change of exterior tension thereby. The chroma in embellish edition fluid is met high too bring about printing ink emulsification, block up print is dry, presswork in high speed in the process, because temperature element can make the Mg(HCO3)2 in embellish edition fluid, Ca(HCO3)2 is decomposed, generate not dissolve carbonic acid of the CaCO3 calcium carbonate at water, MgCO3 is magnesian, adherent go up in water roller, easy prevent pass water, occurrence scumming breakdown, accordingly, be necessary to make first water softening, undertake making up again. Because the chroma of fluid of this embellish edition is to imprint,character measures the crucial influencing factor of stand or fall, we must be in the acid-base value that keeps stable (PH is worth) while, control the chroma of fluid of good profit edition.

To make color of presswork graph writing bright-coloured, clear, blank layout does not rise dirty, must the basis is specific presswork the condition is reasonable the chroma that allocates embellish edition fluid, ensure presswork the presswork that gives high quality.

1, paper performance and chroma of embellish edition fluid

Should presswork paper quality of a material loose or when sand and dust is being contained in paper, because presswork of printing ink agglutinant big, the regular meeting in embossing makes pink of paper wool, paper piles up to go up in mackintosh, such certainly will increase the attrition of forme, make forme rises easily dirty, below this kind of circumstance, answer to increase the concentration of embellish edition fluid appropriately; And when pressworking to spend big paper exterior flatness is tall and closely, presswork especially when art paper and vitreous paperboard, answer to reduce the concentration of embellish edition fluid appropriately.
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