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Modernization pressworks equipment is had presswork speed rate of fast, automation is high, presswork the character with product good quality. How to use correctly, had safeguarded these tall efficiency to presswork equipment, improve manufacturing efficiency, it is contemporary presswork the problem that the enterprise must take seriously.

One, oil path is safeguarded

Oil path basically has 4 effect, lubricate namely, drop in temperature, sealed, prevent dirty corrosion protection. Maintain presswork the oil path of equipment is expedite, those who matter to component of whole equipment activity is lubricant. There is many opposite motion part in printing machine, if bearing, axle sleeve, gear, cam reachs linkage mechanism,wait. If these place serve as lubricant without oil, will produce serious clash, bring about machine precision to drop. So the interface of opposite motion component should assure to lubricate goodly, must change regularly engine oil, clean in time oil path and filter device. The needle bearing of platen, axle sleeve is propped up in press group especially, if do not have,have engine oil lubricate and cool, because be short of oil for a long time,bearing and drum shaft are met abrade and calorific, be out of shape, light person need changes bearing, drum shaft of the person that weigh happens " hold an axis in the arms " (namely rotational component and blame roll component expand as a result of high temperature and agglutination is together) .

Of printing machine lubricant besides circulating automatically, still a lot of components need a hand to move cheer, if phyletic tooth platoon reachs bearing of a tooth bearing, cam opening a tooth, rotor, chain,wait. Undertaking lubricating to offset press is to maintain working substantial, maintain oil path expedite it is to reduce offset press component to wear away, extend the machine service life, efficient way that improves product quality.

From mechanical angle for, only the mobile component of the machine keeps clean and lubricant, movement is quick, ability develops each function of equipment adequately, carry equipment in good condition. If offset press is worn the bearing of Mo Gun and water roller reach the worm wheel worm that adjusts pressure wear away the most easily, and demolish tatty to wear bearing of Chinese ink roller and reinstall take time is arduous, so machine stage operates personnel to want to maintain frequently to these place at ordinary times, when installing water, Mo Gun, axial head and bearing go up daub some butter, with lubricant bearing and bearing, reduce wear away, reduce pair of bearing with worm wheel worm change.

2, enrage Lu Wei to protect

Gas district function is powerful, can change rigid mechanical power into stretch force to pass a machine to need dynamic place, gas route system already made the indispensable one part on contemporary printing machine, the stand or fall that its work affects the working condition of printing machine directly.
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