The action of fluid of edition of offset print embellish and control (in)
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3, the control of embellish edition fluid

The control of embellish edition fluid has 3 sides
1, the PH of embellish edition fluid is worth control.
2, the dosage of embellish edition fluid is controlled.
3, the concentration control of embellish edition fluid.

  (one) the PH of embellish edition fluid is worth control

PH value is the acidity that represents solution or alkalescent lose by force, namely acid-base value. PH is worth cent to be 14 class;
PH = 7 is neuter solution;
PH ﹤ 7 for acidity solution;
PH ﹥ 7 for alkalescent solution;
PH is worth the acid-base value be apart between every class 10 times. Namely PH = 5 and be apart of acid-base value of PH = 6 10 times. PH = 5 and be apart of acid-base value of PH = 7 100 times. Namely 10 × 10 = 100.

The PH cost control of fluid of edition of embellish of general PS edition is in 5 ~ 6 between, it is weak acidity namely.

PH of embellish edition fluid is worth pair of black-and-white influences:

Acidity crosses strong, PH to had been worth a hour:

① destroys the close water covering layer of forme blank part, layout arenaceous eye gets sick at heart corrode, presswork easy beautiful edition.
Part of article of ② forme graph suffers erode, make site decrescent, serious when generation is dropped edition.
③ destroys the oxidation conjunctiva function of printing ink, make dry time lengthens printing ink, serious when can cause printing ink not to work. The experiment proves, if PH is worth by 5.6 drop 2.5 when, the dry time of printing ink is lengthened by 6 original hours.
④ quickens printing ink emulsification, those who affect layer of printing ink Chinese ink is normal deliver.
⑤ creates Chinese ink scene dim, lacklustre.

Acidity crosses weak, PH when the value is too great:

Hydrophily of part of ① forme blank can be abate, make pursue spread out of article part printing ink, easy cause burnt edition.
② forme blank builds covering layer hard partly, the blank share that causes forme rises dirty.
③ quickens printing ink emulsification, make presswork image contrast is reduced, presswork the effect appears smooth, weak, colour is not bright-coloured.
The graph article part of edition of graph of ④ this world PS is easy be dissolved, cause graph article not complete, be short of a pen to break delimit.
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