Experience communication: Offset press cleanness maintains the detail that shoul
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Offset press is to presswork currently one of main facility of the industry, accordingly, special attention is maintained and should maintain the job, especially cleanness maintains the job. Cleanness maintains the job is bad, make equipment generation easily larger wear away and cross fast ageing, as a result is caused a series of breakdown, consequence is unimaginable. The basis handles practice, maintain to offset press cleanness the detail that should notice sums up as follows:

1. handlers is in before the class after the class, must undertake wiping the job, rub-up airframe inside and outside smeary, ink marks, the waste paper inside cleared machine, sundry, often carry equipment instinctive quality and without rustily phenomenon.

2. platen is one of bodies of offset press, every must be wiped at any time, maintain platen surface cleanness, especially the cleanness of embossing platen.

3. is defeated by paper greater part to divide parts to appear, every must rub-up parts surface pink of smeary, paper, in order to reduce each parts attrition.

Each part electric machinery mixes 4. offset press pump, want to keep its surface cleanness, dry, because come loose,prevent to heat up undesirable, cause an accident.

When 5. cleans equipment, answer each part oil eye, oil path, cheer device, parts to undertake comprehensive microscope. If have,omit cheer, oil path jams, cheer device damage, screw to become loose, fall off wait for a circumstance, should be cheered in time and maintain, (Especially main shaft and embossing platen hold paper tooth axis two end do not forget to cheer) .

6. is forbidden use broken bombazine, rag to clean equipment, prevent to fall inside machine, cause an accident.

7. holiday equipment need not when, must swab rubber roll of clean water, Chinese ink, prevent ink marks to do firm, affect rubber roll function and service life; Stop machine in 7 days of above, get off after rubber roll of abluent water, ink marks, put frame on, prevent extruding to be out of shape, reoccupy cover overspreads fine installation, avoid ash arenaceous fall inside machine, increase attrition.

8. is in daily manufacturing process, often should keep clean all round equipment, accomplish the ground to be mixed without mark of smeary, water, waste paper sundry etc.

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