The examination of special subject of offset press care and maintenance
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To eliminate the hidden danger of equipment accident in time, every equipment wants regular examination. Examination content makes a different item according to different equipment, one by one contrasts. The examination can be every examination, weekly examination, half an year to be checked greatly according to needing branch actually, want to often be checked to crucial part especially, eliminate accident hidden danger, assure safety.

(1) every examination. Sift answers to hand over a record when every carry on, understand the locomotive situation of a machine. Before switching on the mobile phone, should check in detail, if observe a machine to go up, have inside machine abdomen without sundry, whether to have bad appearance of spare parts attaint, make friends, whether did pneumatics machine already turn on the water, air pump is baric how, whether is gasoline tank short of oil to wait. When driving, after positive and negative orders a car a few rounds, drive again first, first slow fast rise gradually again fast, calm fast. Should notice when movement " listen " , " feel " , " check " . It is normal to hear machine movement voice, have without scream, attrition, clash; Feel the temperature of parts, if feel bearing of electric machinery surface, platen wait, feel whether its temperature is normal; Investigate machine movement case, if whether ammeter electric current is,be worth normally, baric whether up to mark, boiler temperature shows glue to whether amount to mark, manufacturing product is eligible wait. Should discover unusual appearance should stop instantly only machine search eliminate reason, in time, report in time to chief.

(2) weekly examination. Presswork commonly the time that the factory wants put apart a long time every week has careful examination to equipment. Weekly examination can include following content:

1) the examination gives section of paper machine chain, chain wheel, universal drive shaft, key to sell working case, right ball of section of universal drive shaft partial oiling is lubricant.

2) the examination is defeated by paper cloth belt, cloth to take roller to reach situation of job of the Zhang Jin annulus, gyro wheel that press paper.

3) check double piece of control, before component of the spacing on regulation control, safe bar and paper caboodle.

4) degree of degree of tightness of V belt of examination electric machinery adjusts, wear away to answer badly change.
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