Rubber roll is pressworking the problem that process middling appears
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1. Crystallization of rubber roll surface, calcification

The surface of high grade rubber roll should close, smooth, feel has a bit stick sluggish, have the good performance that send handwriting or painting. But because rubber roll gets for a long time the influence of the element such as embellish edition fluid, printing ink, paper, together with is cleaned every time completely cannot complete, make accumulation of one layer upon layer ground is in all sorts of material rubber roll surface, as time passes, can close the wool stoma with rubber roll original surface, the smooth crystallization layer that forms one sort to be like calcium to pledge, serious effect passes the Chinese ink, property that pass water, cannot stabilize control color of presswork Chinese ink. To solve this one problem, use at first rise technically indigestion cream, remove seeper to clean, but quite take time, arduous, and virtually increased manufacturing cost. Later, after trying to be being washed every time, reoccupy some citric acid bath, make a few calcium of rubber roll surface kind chemistry of foreign matter happening reacts, so that be cleaned clean,form easy dissolve material. Carry out a proof, result of law of this one party is favorable and be economical, save labour.

2. Rubber roll surface has bruise, hemp eye easily

Because rubber roll is softer, there is good thing to be met namely a bit in process of high speed movement by cut, especially fluid of alcohol embellish edition relies on edition water roller, once appear nick, can no more use. Investigate its reason, basically have two kinds: It is forme is pulled incompact or edition clip clip is incompact, forme pulls tip place to often have breach and break, cut relies on edition water, Mo Gun; 2 it is Mo Gun maintains not seasonable, the impurity such as broken bits of the Chinese ink skin on rubber roll, Chinese ink is much, quickened the attrition of rubber roll, calorific, ageing, make rubber roll surface covers hemp eye, both ends of common rubber roll is more serious.

3. Rubber roll chaps prematurely, ageing

Appear the reason of this one problem is many sided, the dry oily excessive in be like printing ink, make printing ink gives out heat in the dry and hard on rubber roll; The clear lotion option that washs rubber roll to use is undeserved, clean time too brash, make the impurity on rubber roll always cannot be cleaned thoroughly; Workshop environment temperature is higher, job of system of embellish edition refrigeration is bad, a large number of quantity of heat of the generation when rubber roll of as a result runs cannot send out in time, temperature of rubber roll cohesion is very high: Function of rubber roll bearing not beautiful, the Mo Gun that be strung together is bringing roll, produce jumpy attrition, extruding to wait. These elements can quicken above the inchoate chap of rubber roll, ageing.
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