Of special subject of offset press care and maintenance lubricant
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The material that will have lubricity -- lube adds attrition area between, form lubricating film, make attrition face breaks away from direct attrition to be reduced in order to achieve chafe and reduce tatty goal, this makes lubricate.

(1) lubricant action

1) oily film is formed relative to athletic appearance in two with lube, reduce a hardware wear away.

2) the flow of lube fat can have absorption of heat, conduct heat, medicinal powder hot action, reduce the attrition temperature between attrition face, make spare parts won't because of excessive and calorific expand and mutual bite dead.

3) lube adhere at spare parts surface, can rise to protect spare parts surface and antirust action.

4) the oily film that lube fat forms reduces coefficient of friction greatly, can reduce attrition obstruction and motivation to use up.

5) lube can remove disappear display vigour to use.

6) lube can rinse clean action to arriving since spare parts surface.

7) the oily film that lube forms can disperse the osculatory stress of spare parts surface.

8) lube is returned but sealed air, prevent dirt to enter, protect action to arriving since the spare parts.

   (2) the choice of lube

1) the requirement of lube: Inferior exterior coefficient of friction, good adsorption and the cohesive force with ability, appropriate wedge (viscosity) , taller purity and get oxidation stability.

2) the choice of lube
Of oily date choose common ground two elements decide the speed of the machine and load. The opposite motion interface with tall, small load uses rate the oil with low viscosity; Use the oil with tall viscosity conversely. Homebred equipment is belonged to light, medium laden, chosen oily name is OK a few smaller, use 30 ~ normally 40 engine oil. Entrance equipment belongs to medium, heavy load (iron walking along a shoulder) , chosen oily name should a few bigger, use 60 ~ normally 70 engine oil.

The choice of oily date also is not changeless, need to make corresponding change according to different work environment. The attrition area with large gap should choose the oil with old viscosity, so that lube adhere forms oily film; And the attrition area with small clearance and the part that pass petty vitta oiling should choose the oil with small viscosity, so that oily wedge is mixed,flow. The change of temperature also affects oily choice, for example glue orders machine clip because boiler of book board, chain, glue works when area of long-term card high temperature, should choose high temperature butter (grease) .
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