Unit of offset press dusting is common trouble removal and care and maintenance
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Dusting can taste the reverse side to stick with preventing to imprint already dirty, can reduce fluctuation when receiving paper again the attrition force between two pieces of paper, make receive paper thereby orderly, pressworking especially the flimsy with graph article larger area imprints when tasting, imprint it is easy on stage receiving paper to taste downward curly, it is orderly and OK to receive paper prevent imprint taste place pulling take along sth to sb to build Chinese ink to touch dirty. Pressworking vitreous paperboard, when art paper and the product that big ink stick measures, dusting is last toll-gate that affects finished product quality directly more. Dusting device makes the accessory equipment with high speed indispensable offset press accordingly.

One, common breakdown reachs dusting unit settle way

If use undeserved or other account, dusting device can appear sometimes a pink not free jams even wait for breakdown. Be safeguarded goodly daily and correct use, jamming to avoid or reducing dusting unit is indispensable. The common dusting problem in the process pressworking below and solve method to make one introduction.

1.Dusting is in charge of jam

Breakdown reason: Dusting be affected with damp be affected with damp or powdery crock fill are too big.

Processing technique: Get off to be in charge of with the dusting of correspondence of dusting knob photograph, take out the big fender that delivery unit is in, get platoon receiving paper below, unplug next corresponding pipe, with pump or pneumatics machine hair drier, pipe inside accumulate pink to be blown.

Notable is, dusting runs not usable water or other dissolvent is cleaned, lest pipe does not work, cause dusting canal to jam again.

Do not want to join overmuch dusting inside powdery crock, advocate add less add frequently. The dusting that did not add should be placed in clean place sealed good, in case be affected with damp be affected with damp.

2.Oscillator adjustable valve jams

Breakdown reason: Be stemmed by foreign matter.

Processing technique: Jam the sees to look more foreign matter of oscillator adjustable valve, usable steel piece or finer wire takes out foreign matter carefully. If discover the impurity inside pink is more, should run the white inside powdery crock via putting powder give off, change clean pink.

To prevent this breakdown, whether is there foreign matter outside answering to check flour bag when adding dusting every time, avoid to pour dusting of foreign matter along with into powdery crock together inside.

3.Oscillator not the job

Breakdown reason:

(1) electric and undesirable, if thrum is contacted bad or fuse is burned.

(2) adjust undeserved, if oscillator and powdery crock are opposite,should be in clearance too small.

Processing technique:

(1) had been received or change fuse.

(2) receive oscillator and correspondence of powdery crock photograph to be in clearance to adjust control for 3mm.
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