The common breakdown that imports cycle offset press is handled and maintain
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20 centuries since 90 time, china signs up for course of study to maintain high speed growth all the time, "Piece it is morning paper, good to go out newspaper " already became system signing up for course of study to compete to be sent mediumly in intense market gradually get the better of one of a magic weapon, be opposite consequently large and medium-sized the demand that imports cycle offset press also expands with each passing day, the printing machine weapon that imports to place put forward to pledge high, the " of automation of high speed, height requirement of 3 tall " . Each big group signing up for course of study went abroad to introduce equipment of many and advanced cycle offset print in succession gigantic endowment from Euramerican etc. Come nearly more than 10 years, group of trade of Hangzhou daily cable already from 20 centuries the one newspaper at the beginning of 90 time runs from opposite directions the 4 newspapers that 4 edition develop to have (among them city wall bulletin already amounted to 80 edition one day at most) two print one net, what its belong to imprint of Wu center main bear imprint equipment also by 90 time first homebred 787 small-sized machine develop 90 time medium-term the French gauss at the beginning of Luo Lan UNISET, new century is round-the-world 70, and even be about to the Gao Bao of mount a horse (printing machine of COLORA of KBA) double width (presswork speed opens business 150 thousand pairs the) when / . Meanwhile, these equipment raised taller requirement to the technology of operation and maintenance technician.

One, common breakdown and eliminate

1. Break paper breakdown

Breaking paper is a your person the ten things that ache separately, basically have reason of the following respects:

(1) edge is cracked, strict limit, edge is touched or flank is stuck have glue. Scroll tightens an edge or flank sticks the expression when having glue to be broken easily for punched tape, the influence offers paper normally. Discover this kind of phenomenon to usable water brushs wet strict limit or be stuck have sizy a side, breakdown eliminates subsequently.

(Out of round of core of canister of 2) scroll itself. Whether does the prejudicial degree that operation personnel can judge canister core by experience pass big, inspect a circumstance to change paper or manager of announcement machine station in time to fall fast move will try to avoid.
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