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Science has been been in charge of reasonably, with it is good, good to safeguard equipment, develop its adequately due action is the safeguard production efficiency, important step that improves product quality. So, the operation of nurturance efficient is used to and we work without fail seriously meticulous at ordinary times manner, also be the important safeguard that decrease and avoids person accident to happen at the same time. Be in a lot of pressworking the everybody in the enterprise is contacted presswork at most little width of cloth is odd in equipment nothing is more... than piece of paper offset press, mix to switching on the mobile phone namely quarto machine, because the machine of these two kinds of model is implemental,have be accepted easily on the price by the enterprise, cost overhead expenses is low, easy good control of structure of operation, vivid source, suit market client to expand the dominant position such as need.

The maintenance of the machine and maintain it is quite important to will tell to the enterprise, presswork equipment is the fixed assets with main business, even if the world pressworks top classly equipment, if do not have,maintain, also cannot develop its true efficiency. Because do not pay attention to equipment to safeguard usually,the regular meeting when us sees some companies with maintain the device that used 3 years two only is already whacked, cannot develop effectiveness. And those are paid attention to safeguard with the enterprise that maintain, although equipment used ten years even a few years, its still run in order.

The use fixed number of year that joins new old facility and job run a state, the article with " maintenance worker is given priority to, jockey is factitious complementary " talk how to undertake maintenance to new old facility for the principle with maintain.

Airframe reachs the surface

New facility: Rub-up airframe inside and outside (include oil dish, receive dirty dish wait with shield) smeary reach printing ink, inside cleared machine wool of sundry, paper, wastepaper, achieve " lacquer sees ecru Tie Jianguang " the effect.

Old equipment: Besides doing good above to work, the level that checks tone to make machine even, orgnaization giving paper is right the position of lead plane.

Transmission part

New facility:

① checks degree of tightness of transmission leather belt to reach use level, adjust tension.

② washs turn off a machine of electromagnetism separation and reunion piece, check performance of apply the brake.

The key that ③ checks each drive gear, sell, the confine state of confine bolt.

④ checks bearing of each transmission shaft cooperate condition and bearing of gear crossing the bridge confine state.

⑤ moves an operation individually should not have become loose.

Old equipment:

① changes the adjustment that attaint is out of order, operation achieve delicacy reliable.
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