Line of bag of offset print platen is white the rehabilitate that presses
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The bag line of platen of offset print rubber, main material is paper of mackintosh, Bai Nehe mat. Because the rate of automation of system is defeated by paper of contemporary offset press is high, presswork efficiency is tall; In the meantime, a lot of paper that were used at relief printing in the past also are used at offset print, such, make offset print wraps line to control grow in quantity of rate comparing past. Pressing packet of line is offset print job most the thing that abstain from. It not only the influence pressworks plan and quality, caustic estrangement wastes material, and serious still can cause mechanical accident.

Basically be wet pledget of the embellish that use benzene to pressing the mackintosh of the injury before piece immersing method tries repair, cannot of repair change new mackintosh, but people often does not notice dialogue repair. In fact while the mackintosh of rubber platen is pressed, those who make mat line is white also suffer extruding. White lie among platen bag line. Although not be to be squashed directly, the effect as a result of force will be white compress be out of shape, be spent to attenuate by the Bai Nehou that extruding is in. The mackintosh of loose platen, in white go up to find the place that be pressed very hard. Such, if use the mackintosh of repair or change new mackintosh, include line cylinder afresh, and those who fill up line to still use crush injuries is old white, after rubber platen has been wrapped, white the place that is squashed, because ply attenuates, the mackintosh of new package still can appear in this position cave, cause graph article to deliver consequently unsharpness. To this kind of circumstance, adopt more before change white method is solved, and do not use mat filling method to go repair. Because fill up what line means is hard to fill solid extruding well and truly,cave the position, cave in fill the position while, also will white the place that was not squashed increased to fill up filling layer. The total ply that causes rubber platen to include line consequently increases, make rubber platen still cannot be made the same score take.

However, the circumstance that crushs rubber platen to include line in offset print happens from time to tome, if one attaint changes afresh mackintosh and white, undoubted meeting raises material cost greatly. Oneself can use hot water dip to iron from the old wool that ravel get instructive in the phenomenon that becomes straight, feel white after sufferring extruding to be out of shape, still have the possibility that recover from an illness.
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