Talk from already check: Installation of offset press equipment and debug
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As print Wu extend and demand, many enterprises increase the offset press facility with new place. And the normative installation of new facility and debugging is a problem that the user nots allow to ignore, be used what it matters to new facility normally and produce the big question that tastes quality. Accordingly, the author reachs what the attention answers in debugging in installation with respect to offset print equipment a certain number of questions are simple talk about a bit experience.

One, the foundation of installation should accord with standard requirement

Author what one sees and hears passes such: Battalion of one family property pressworks the factory bought a J2205 offset press, in new factory building installation was used not long hind appeared frequent breakdown, machine precision drops, presswork the breakdown in the process eliminates very hard also, the product pledges the quantity cannot assure. But under, gave another user resell of this offset press. Buyer buys this two mobile phones installation, adjust after using, the precision of the machine improves apparently than before, performance characteristics is relatively stable also, presswork the breakdown that appears in the process, the spot eliminates smoothly quickly, presswork product quality is normal. Two afore-mentioned around install use same table offset press, its function, quality can produce so big difference, classics analysis, the foundation quality that the reason is equipment installation has a difference, the foundation quality of former installation nots agree with requirement, the foundation quality of latter installation and installation quality are normal. Because equipment foundation installs quality, equipment to equipment,the stability of precision and precision is mixed maintain a gender, and treatment product quality have immediate effect. Accordingly, equipment installation is one of important segment in job of management of equipment early days, before equipment is installed, the design that takes equipment foundation seriously and the quality that make, the made standard that accords with a country to design a standard about dynamical machine foundation asks, accord with the normative requirement that equipment installs, use to equipment normally and even making sure product quality is apparent is to come attach most importance to want.

2, debug make level to maintain its firm sex

Normative equipment installation should be decorate graph and requirement of concerned installation technology according to equipment technology plane (if equipment product explains the installation that go up asks) , the equipment installation that will install is on normative foundation, undertake make level, firm, achieve the requirement that installs a standard, pass debug, movement, made satisfaction produces the demand of craft.

New offset press facility has had test taking a car before leave factory, each technology index already accorded with the standard that leave factory. But move mediumly in view of outfit, discharge, of line-haul shake and the technical level of installation, hard to avoid can affect the precision of the machine. So, after the installation with new normal machine ends, the technical quota that wants a basis to check and accept contract project and machine manual standard undertakes debugging. Usually, make level wants after installing perch, installation seeks dry end is to maintain its firm sex, reduce vibration, avoid to be out of shape, prevent unreasonable wear away, ensure the machine has cooperate normally and coordinate movement of component, assure the precision of treatment. Offset press aircrew is in fore-and-aft (direction of edge machine length) and transverse (presswork canister axes direction) the level is spent etc, the requirement has specific provision on product manual, it is the basis of the make level after the machine is installed.
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