Year of big examination of special subject of offset press care and maintenance
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Big examination is led not only should arrange enough time to the machine, decide big examination to plan content even. General complete sump should change lube, tatty spare parts should change, electric equipment also needs to have relatively careful examination, basically include following content commonly:

1) platen precision, radial, axial is jumpy examination, platen bearing is checked.

2) platen pressure examination, pressing of separation and reunion locates custom position is checked.

3) examination of wear out condition of gear, cam, chain wheel, chain, connecting rod.

4) examination of injury of surface of roller of the roller that string together Chinese ink, roller that string together water, rubber roll, reticulation and jumpy examination.

5) water is fought, examination of carpenter's ink marker, examine system of route of corresponding canalage, Chinese ink other facilities.

6) district of oil path, gas and its component examination, if reversal valve of oil pump, electromagnetism, pump is checked.

7) examination of gasoline tank lube, should change when necessary lube is cheered to complete machine.

8) examination of clutch, brake, safe device.

9) platen holds tooth, chain tooth, open examination of tooth board, ball opening a tooth.

10) electric ark, advocate examination of brake of electric machinery, magnetic particle, fan.