Experience shares: Environmental protection of 4 kinds of offset press abide rai
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A lot of advantage of 4 kinds of offset press already got broad handlers approbate, but as a result of lubricious group and the addition of all sorts of auxiliary unit, to equipment maintain also raised taller requirement. With Haidebao 4 kinds of sheet piece paper offset press is exemple, its oil eye has hundreds, use at modulatory small electric machinery to also have about a hundred, still dusting device, infrared ray cleans fluid of edition of platen device, embellish dry device, automatically to mix device to wait, its maintain duty factor is more complex. How maintain the job has been done, produce the beneficial result of equipment adequately, solid for not easy. The author has fort of heart of old operation sea the experience of 4 kinds of offset press, show summary to give a loop to maintain law, offer reference of person of the same trade.

Particular way

Below the premise that maintains in regular day, according to equipment the structural characteristic of 4 lubricious groups, maintain the month, the content that half an year maintains is decomposed.

Maintain every weeks above all one pressworks unit, specific include the following content.

(1) this unit all Mo Gun, examination rubber roll has the key to be short of the pressure between oily, each roller to whether want to adjust without calcification phenomenon, bearing.

(2) this unit platen tooth discharges cleanness, cheer to ball opening a tooth.

(3) clean this unit platen filter cloth cleaning device.

(4) purify the Chinese ink that this unit and other part piles up dirties.

Next, because give paper share this world of easy accumulation paper, receive dusting of paper share easy accumulation, need every weeks to maintain. The method is to use cleaner to inhale dust, eye giving oil is cheered, in addition, crucial position (if rotate,enrage a powerful person to wait) the examination is indispensable.

Finally is peripheral equipment, include electric ark, pump to combine fluid of edition of ark, embellish to mix compressor of ark, air ark maintain. Maintain every weeks among them, the key is purify dust, clean mesh.

Inside a such months, each greater part of the machine can maintain at least. Normal movement half an year controls the machine, arrange 1 ~ again 2 weekday, the oily eye that discharges to all teeth adds oil, whether should examination lead plane change or additional engine oil, contrast maintain manual examination has exhaustive to maintain content.

Anyhow, do good above to work seriously only, just can have made a 4 lubricious offset press maintain.

The job wants a place

Maintain cannot flow at the form, although content enumerate is gotten more, after the real operation that passes 9 times, personnel is reasonable divide the work, cooperate tacit understanding, need 4 ~ 5 hours to be able to be finished only every time commonly. Have in real work required special attention at 2 o'clock: It is behavioral standard, all sorts of tools, cleaner chooses to want appropriate, both neither can delimit with keen tool shovel platen, rubber roll, also cannot wait for the paint layer that washs rubber roll or machine with reducer, banana oil, maintain electric ark must have electric engineer cooperate; 2 should have made detailed record, the main place that includes to maintain, maintain program of the discovery of method, hidden trouble, maintenance, can prevent to omit already so, also can make each team and group is drawn lessons from each other, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness. Special situation leaves the job that this week cannot finish, maintaining next week the prearrange in program, ensure this position one by one that maintain is fulfilled.
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