Presswork whole strategy of method of rubber roll daily attention and skill
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One, installation and debug

1, assemble and unassemble

Head of the axis when rubber roll is being installed and bearing cooperate to want to make sure certain precision and cleanness are spent, should beat easily put down gently, should not collide axial head and sub, lest create roller system injury, bend and sub damaged.

2, lubricate

What head of rubber roll axis, bearing often should keep effective is lubricant. If lubricate undesirable, meet those who cause head of rubber roll axis, bearing wear away, clearance increases, down to is caused presswork on Chinese ink not all. Because rubber roll is jumpy,also can reach at the same time slip wait for bad situation to cause presswork bar mark. If run for long continuously,do not have lubricate effectively, still can cause heat build-up of core of bearing, axis, cause face of glue of rubber roll both ends to be heated expands and wear away, to make bicephalous glue face produces hemp range, drop glue, chap.

3, debug

The pressure between rubber roll and rubber roll and forme wants to reach its according to the flexibility of balata, hardness pressworking the action in the process is adjusted appropriate, the feet of a place of strategic importance of O.20mm of ~ of general use O.15 (feet of a place of strategic importance should lubricate, lest injure glue face) have a test, the radial contact pressure of rubber roll is sure to agree equably. Run for long otherwise can cause pressure to slant the face of hemp of rubber roll generation of old one end, drop glue, chap, open the phenomenon such as glue.

2, use with safeguard

1, before pressworking

There is thing of as good as between examination roller and roller, rubber roll is in good condition nondestructive, whether does the pressure between roller agree equably, it is normal to affirm, clean bright and clean and rear can undertake pressworking.

2, presswork medium

Rubber roll should hold good osculatory position from beginning to end in movement, suffer force to agree equably. Imprint no matter taste size of width of cloth, should make the whole glue face of rubber roll has Chinese ink oil-lubricated; Inspect how many what Chinese ink amount accumulates between rubber roll, answer to adjust Chinese ink amount in time, ensure presswork quality.

In assure to presswork of speed before below the problem, cross wash-and-wear dry to prevent printing ink, rubber roll is agglutinant reduce, the surface produces knot skin phenomenon, oily to needing to join dry printing ink should control the dosage of good dry oil, produce the rubber roll in movement not to go up in case Chinese ink and send handwriting or painting not all phenomenon.

3, presswork hind

Want to reach roller and roller in time roller and forme to break away from a contact, discharge removes bear pressure, prevent glue face to suffer static press and cause be out of shape. Want to clean printing ink of remains of rubber roll surface in time, prevent dry generation excrement of film of Chinese ink piece, Chinese ink, Chinese ink and bilge float are worn go up in glue face, (Especially nylon roller the Chinese ink of two end panel piece) the meeting when running again grinds an injury to destroy glue face bright and clean degree, serious meeting produces hemp face to drop broken bits phenomenon.
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