The action of fluid of edition of offset print embellish and control (go up)
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Offset print is one kind uses oily, water not photograph dissolve principle finishs black-and-white. Be opposite first forme water supply, chinese ink is offerred to forme after, make part of forme graph article has Chinese ink anhydrous, blank part has water not to have Chinese ink. Use the water of embellish wet forme nevertheless, not be ordinary clear water, added chemical substance in water however, the liquid of electrolyte, this is embellish edition fluid namely. From this and know, the function of embellish edition fluid is one of crucial factor that decide quality of offset print product. The function of embellish edition fluid and printing machine, paper, printing ink get used to ability to imprint each other the product that gives high quality, make presswork graph writing lubricious clarity of bright-coloured, administrative levels, site is bright and clean, do not expand, not contractible, blank part do not go up dirty, print is dry and normal.

   One, the main effect of embellish edition fluid

(one) form water film half in forme blank

Even water film is formed in the blank part of forme, the sex of scanty Chinese ink that holds forme blank share and hydrophily are the main effect of embellish edition fluid.

(2) complement is pressworking the close water layer of the attaint in the process

Black-and-white moment, platen and Chinese ink roller are rotational, to forme generation grinds, make the close water layer on forme is worn away, meanwhile, paper is in whole presswork in the process, more or less can paper pink and paper wool fall off, deepen further wear away, destroy close water layer. Such, if do not have the electrolyte of embellish edition fluid, pressworking in the process, have chemistry with the metallic layer of forme ceaselessly, generate new inorganic salt to kiss water layer, we cannot assure blank part not to go up dirty, cannot finish presswork.

(3) the exterior temperature that drops forme

When presswork, because Mo Gun is,move with extremely high rate, its temperature can rise, make the temperature of printing ink also is met as rise. It is under high temperature, the viscosity of printing ink is reduced, fluidity increases, when such pressworking, printing ink is met rapid spread out, cause a site easily to expand, influence presswork. But in black-and-white process, used embellish edition liquid, drop the temperature of forme effectively, can reduce the happening of this kind of problem.
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