Technology of site of Staccato frequency modulation is summarized
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Frequency modulation net pressworks is all all the time presswork the most perfect mesh attune image in person mental view imposes net kind. It not only solved polychromatic a lot of problem such as stripe of net, moire, Mo Er hits in pressworking, also improved the performance of the detail of image and administrative levels greatly at the same time. The frequency modulation that equipment pressworks to produce a supplier to have his before all about the same imprinting adds net skill, be like diamond net of Haidebao, the crystal net of hair love a gram is waited a moment. Of course they also printed a lot of frequency modulation nets presswork prospectus, everything looks very perfect. But, went 10 years, all these stays in the lab only it seems that, net technology adds this kind to use real work truly when somebody is pressworking hardly on.

Reason why? Because the working technological process of CTF is too lengthy, undertake to among them each measure strict craft is controlled sometimes too difficult. The occurrence Cong Mou of CTP is planted the problem that craft solved on degree. But even if become directly resemble be on PS edition, the instability of the site dilate of small site still is a serious problem. And the method that solves this one problem is: "Quadrate laser selects a technology " . Abstruse company was made to frequency modulation site in the gram long-term the research with development. Set out from technical angle, we think square stimulates spot and 2 frequency modulation to add net skill is the essential element of the frequency modulation network with truly economic implementation. Both is short of one cannot.

Quadrate laser selects a technology

Abstruse square stimulates spot in the gram that wins new technology large award for many times in the world is not simple the appearance make it that nods laser is quadrate. Traditional CTP laser is the spot that canal of a laser launchs to be used at actual exposure, want the gauss energy curve that successive and individual laser is in charge of into inevitable like the dot ground so. Quadrate laser dot of Keliao is the patent product that carries Keliao -- " light valve " cut and into. Energy curve is approximately linear, the spot with extremely abrupt brim can be formed on edition material. The change that need not fear back end develops edition condition is affected to what site size causes. Compare the data in Zun Tu:

Just think, when if site brim is only,the size of 1 μ M changes, the site that the tradition of 200lpi increases a net cannot foreknow change is less than 3% , but of the frequency modulation site of size of 10 μ M cannot control change to be achieved 30% . If a piece of presswork has the site dilate of 30% it is the word that cannot be adjusted, meaning finished product of our place black-and-white is complete cannot reduplicative, more do not talk to go up what quality was controlled.

Pass " light valve " , keliao is can control laser margin accurately in ± 0.2 μ M (although the strong edition condition of back end produces the change of 10% ) one of companies, we are OK the outspread rate control of the frequency modulation site size of 10 μ M is in 4% less than.
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