Offset press new technology of Qi Fubin talks 16 times (2)
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11. is odd piece of paper offset press double-faced glazing

Double-faced offset press is double-faced the difficulty of glazing is, one side pressworks after the glazing that finish must sufficient and dry. Presswork besides UV and dry and OK outside undertaking immediately, glazing of ability in swimming basically is dry time insufficient. Small dark the company is rolled out recently two groups of processor teams are installed after the first group of glazing are unit, processor set did not install forme platen and rubber platen, have embossing roll only. Can make paper has enough dry time before retroflexion so.

Its advantage is: (1) has sufficient dry time, make sure glazing hind is dry; (2) is helpful for eduction of dry generation caloric; (3) improved drying capability, to answer the change of ability in swimming and UV glazing, add unit of the solidify that install UV at the same time, differ in order to suit presswork to be opposite with glazing dry requirement, raise the scope of application of the machine; (4) presswork quality and manufacturing efficiency rise, percent defective is very low.

12. online cent is cut

To avoid in little width of cloth imprints article undertake dividing cutting again after pressworking on offset press of old width of cloth, manluolan and tall treasure company roll out online cent to cut unit severally. Online cent cuts device to install the embossing platen in the last aircrew to go up commonly. Cent cuts device to be formed by the metal strip on cent cutting tool and embossing platen. The paper after cent is cut divides 2 paper caboodle to close to send together. If the graph is shown 8 times,online cent of Manluolan cuts unit, oneself has drive part. Online cent of Gao Bao cuts unit, cutting cutting tool into parts is to pass baric pilot to the pressure of embossing platen. Online cent cuts the work that suits grain or moderate amount and paper ration is under 450g/m2, such is helpful for wear away that those who reduce bisect cutting tool and metal strip. Imprinting the amount is very large and when moving continuously, paper cutting machine of use off line is cut into parts cut the cost effectiveness with have better.

Graph 8

Graph 8 Manluolan is online cent cuts an orgnaization

13. does not have sheet of tilting mechanical hardware piece paper is double-faced and polychromatic offset press

The earliest sheet piece paper is double-faced printing machine is the perfecting that brings tilting mechanical hardware, presswork first at the same time, turn over paper the face to undertake other one side presswork. Construction of this kind of type is complex, to paper length the requirement fathers, because have,two hold a mouth and need increases paper length. In recent years special sheet piece double-faced printing machine got paper develop quickly. There are 350 sheets at present inside Japan piece paper perfecting, its technical secondary school uses sheet piece paper perfecting 200, 150 when bring tilting mechanical hardware.
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